Are Essential Oils of any Benefit?

What are essential oils? Are essential oils of any benefit? Are they just for topical use or can they be used internally? Are different types beneficial for different skins? Does it matter where they were grown or how they were processed? What benefits do the different oils have? Lots of questions, let’s go through them [...]

What kind of stress are we talking about?

We all know stress is hard on your body, but why? Also, are you aware of the different kinds of stress that effect your body? Do you know how to resolve the stress effect? Let’s take a look? Stress and your body In today’s society we have a lot of psychological stressors. We in effect [...]

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Depression: psychological or physiological?

I practiced as a Registered Psychologist for some 20 years.  During that time I saw a lot of clients with depression, anxiety or depression & anxiety.  I frequently sent clients to Naturopaths, Herbalists, etc because I did not think that the cause of their depression was how they interpreted and responded to the world, it [...]

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Tulsi, Holy Basil and YOU

Tulsi or Holy Basil Leaf (not to be confused with basil) is a well known Ayurvedic or East Indian herb.  But what is it used for...well it has a number of uses...its most famous medicinal function is an anti-oxidant.  But, it has a number of other functions as well: 1.  The leaf is a nerve [...]

MDs are catching up – well on this item at least

I just read an article by an MD who is catching up...the Master that is involved in over 300 base but functions in every cell of the that most of us are deficient in...  Rather than take laboratory, man made drugs that are toxic to the body and cause nutrient depletion; may cover [...]

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CVD, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, arteriolsclerosis – you might have it!

Big words but what do they all mean?  Can I be suffering from them and not even know?  What I should know, that my MD probably doesn't?   Good questions, let's look by giving simple definitions: CVD - cardiovascular disease - any issue that causes dysfunction in the arteries (carry the oxygenated blood) and the [...]

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Is it Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons or Lewy Bodies?

Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of misdiagnosis in Conventional Medicine...and when it comes to the aging, the misdiagnoses is most commonly with Parkinson's and Alzeheimer's - both of which can be misdiagnosed Lewy Bodies.  Unfortunately, none of the conventional medications help for any of the conditions. Parkinson’s Lewy Body Symptoms: Loss of spontaneous movement [...]

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New way to increase glutathione

If anyone knows me - they know that I am a big supporter of glutathione.  Once known as only an anti-oxidant, in today's world it recognized as doing a huge number of functions in the body. In fact, there are over 95,000 pub med articles on a huge number of processes glutathione is involved in.  (Note: Vit [...]

Simple Solutions for Insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia, about 1 in 10, and for a variety of reasons.  Sleep is hugely important to our health.  In fact, the body puts out more effort while we are asleep than it does watching tv.  So, let's look at some of the reasons and some of the solutions. Causes of insomnia: [...]

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The Placebo Effect – isn’t it evidence that the mind can heal itself?

What is the Placebo Effect?  It is the capacity for the mind/body to heal itself without any medical intervention.  In fact, I asked some 30 years ago if I could use the Placebo Effect as the base of my first PhD thesis.  I wasn't allowed to.  I couldn't understand why.  If the placebo effect is [...]

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