7 Lies about Blood Pressure

I love this when I see others recognizing what has been known for such a long time:  Present Health wrote this today 7 Shocking Secrets About Your Blood Pressure    Brace yourself for a shock about your blood pressure (well, actually 7 shocks)… ►Reducing your salt consumption produces no health benefit -- and isn’t worth [...]

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Glutathione – why is it important?

I have addressed glutathione many times...there are almost 100,000 articles on pub med about glutathione...I have now written a book on glutathione - will be up soon...it discusses how and why glutathione is a huge part of solving issues from Alzheimer's, autism, adrenal fatigue, inflammatory issues, cardio issues, depression and a huge number of other [...]

The low down on the flue

How come every season we hear that this the flu season... Why does the weather getting cold provoke a "flu season" when most bugs thrive in heat?  It probably has nothing to do with the cold, unless you have a compromised immune system already - but we tend to eat more sweets during the cold [...]

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Blood thinners – artificial or natural?

Blood thinners - are used to thin our blood.  As we age, and especially if our nutrients are deficient, the body has a more difficult time regulating the 1001 issues that need to be regulated.  One component that needs to be regulated is our blood.  The following issues need to be taken into consideration: 1) [...]

Misunderstood terms about the heart

Most people think of HEART FAILURE as a heart attack or as fatal when in fact it doesn't mean that at all.  Heart failure means that the heart is failing to do what it should be doing, i.e., pumping blood.  The most common side effects are:  fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling in the legs.   Although [...]

Ginseng – Beware…

Twice in this past week I have heard people make comments about ginseng as if all ginseng is the same…a great way to recognize when people don’t really know what they are talking about.  Just because one has good intentions, doesn't mean they are knowledgeable...be careful. There are a variety of different types of ginseng [...]

Bacopa – a herb that does wonders

Do you hate it when people claim that whatever product they are selling cures and heals everything...me too.  So I research all the different components and provide you with the conclusion...okay so alot of information also comes from my training...but, science is always updating the information - and we need to keep abreast of what [...]

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Is TSH testing for the thyroid, reliable?

Typically physicians will ask for an assessment of T4, T3 and TSH when they think the thyroid may be involved in some issue.... Unfortunately, they do not take into consideration that about 80% of the T4 - T3 conversion typically happens in the liver Nor do they take into consideration that either hypo or hyper [...]

Food sources of probiotics

Most people have heard of the benefits of pre and probiotics but what are they and where can you get them? Prebiotics - what provides the environment for probiotics to grow in, ie., fiber Probiotics - the bacteria in your gut that you need to thrive - over 1000 different types identified.  These bacteria help [...]

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Is it the thyroid or the adrenals?

Thyroid and adrenals issues are huge in today's society... Many will claim that thyroid is underdiagnosed and missed by the various conventional tests, i.e., TSH, T3, and T4. Causing everything from: depression mental fog fatigue weight gain cancer cholesterol issues ADHD and a huge number of other issues While this may be true, there are [...]

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