Autism – what causes it, what eliminates it

We certainly know that Autism has had a significant increase in the last few decades.  Worldwide the prevalence of autism is about 1-2 per 1000.  However, in the US, 1 per 68 are diagnosed with Autism as of 2014!!  Reasons for the increase have been attributed to: changes in diagnostic criterion government-subsidized financial incentives prevalence [...]

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Do you love bread?

Most people love bread. But bread has got a pretty bad rap this past decade and for good reasons. But do you understand the problem? Do you know how to get around it? It is pretty easy... First off, let's understand the problems; then let's solve the problems! So we can enjoy our bread!! Most [...]

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Pain killers – what’s going on?

Have you been keeping up to date with all the latest media play on pain killers like Oxycontin and percocets - and their derivatives? Dangerous, over-prescribed, is scary stuff. Real medicine has been bringing the issues to the fore front for several years, but as usual, Big Pharma over-rides - MDs prescribe - and [...]

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The latest cause/cure all for weight issues

I get both tired and frustrated whenever I read or hear an expert/professional claiming that the one issue they are touting is the be all and end all of weight issues. There are a huge number of issues that can contribute to weight imbalances. It used to be just excess calories and lack of exercise...but [...]

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Are you aware that…

These foods are considered carcinogenic? Many foods that we assume would be healthy for you can actually be carcinogenic. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine Canned tomatoes & other canned foods are typically lined with bisphenol-A aka BPA. When the FDA actually agrees that something may be a problem. It [...]

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Did you know that antiobiotics have been linked to nerve damage

This is an NBC News program.  Let's look at what happened.  Click here. Be responsible.  Do your research.  Look after your health. Here’s to your health! For more information, contact: Dr Holly at Copyright 2015 © Choices Unlimited for Health & Wellness Disclaimer: This site is provided for general information only, and is not a [...]

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Can you believe it?

The medical profession is getting more and more hits against it.   It is really sad for those who are truly wanting to help people.  But between the immense amount of fraudulent data, research, clinical studies (claimed studies that were not even done!!) Big Pharma is a huge part of the problem.   99% of [...]

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Be careful…just because a product is all natural…

"All natural" is a big marketing phrase both used and abused in today's world.  How can that be? Well, as with anything else, the compound effect can have both beneficial and detrimental affects on us.  A given product may have all "natural compounds" BUT when some of the those "natural compounds" are brought together - [...]

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Biophyphosates – in healthy foods too.

You have probably heard about Monsanto, GMOs, Round Up and Biophyphosates.  They are all detrimental to our health.  The problem is when you find products that claim to be healthy and they end up having the glyphosates, from Monsanto's Round Up, that are hugely detrimental to our health, it certainly provokes questions about all kinds [...]

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Not all chemicals are toxic – understand the difference

We all repeatedly hear about how dangerous CHEMICALS are.  But like anything else...some are and some are not.  For instance, you body is made up of chemicals...all very necessary to your body's capacity to function. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine The air you breath is made up of oxygen [...]

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