8 Glasses of Water a Day?

This is an urban myth that has no substance or science behind it!!!  Interestingly enough, I fought this myth when I was in Naturopathic College - and believe it or not, to no avail!!!  But that is all that it is - a myth!!! I am a scientist...so I always look for the evidence.  Now [...]

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Not all chemicals are toxic – understand the difference

We all repeatedly hear about how dangerous CHEMICALS are.  But like anything else...some are and some are not.  For instance, you body is made up of chemicals...all very necessary to your body's capacity to function. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine The air you breath is made up of oxygen [...]

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What is really the cause of so much ill health?

Oh my goodness...ideas and thoughts keep changing and growing.  So many things are wrong...it is hard to keep up.  What we are supposed to do about it?  Again, so much research, so many ideas, it is so overwhelming... Well, here is an overview that might help you... what contributes to the problem AND what we [...]

Detox – why, how, when?

You hear people talking about DETOX all the time now...what exactly is it?  Which is the best method?  Do we really need to do it?  Well, it refers to any of numerous ways to detoxify the body.  Detoxes have been utilized by most cultures throughout history as a way of both preventing illness and regaining [...]


Most would answer “Well of course, it is”. Yet, water can be very toxic - learn why. (click here to learn more) Whether it be fats, grains, sugars, proteins, supplements or water, it is only good for you if it meets certain criterion. In today’s world, we even need to learn about our water and [...]

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