Diabetes – insulin not really the issue

You have got to be kidding...we all know that insulin is the issue in diabetes...don't we?  Well actually no. I have written several articles about how the theories around blood glucose levels and insulin are wrong!!! Last year, in the New England Journal of Medicine, an article explained how they divided diabetic IIs into three groups.  [...]

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Companies, Employees & Health

Great topic.   I do a wide variety of presentations, workshops, etc for organizations, corporations, etc and I love being able to help people wade through the confusion and myths about health and wellness... Here is a good blog by John Mackey concerning Whole Foods and how they innovate their employees into health... How Whole Foods [...]

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New Year’s Goal – Weight Loss?

You and how many others are making weight loss your New Year's Resolution? Why do you think so many people fail at achieving what they set out to achieve? Well there are a number of reasons...let's look at a few... Psychological reasons: 1) not good at following through 2) self sabatoging underlying life themes Liver [...]

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Different toxins, different detoxs

There are many types of toxins in our bodies... 1) the natural byproducts of normal metabolism 2) the type that come through the air we breath 3) the type that come from our food: a) POPs - persistant organic pollutants that can come through the air, our water and our food b) toxic metals c) [...]

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New Year’s Resolution – loose weight-be careful

One of the most common New Year's Resolutions is to loose weight...but be careful...Your body could be working against you...your choice of "healthy foods" could be working against you...the FDA could be working against you... I have written a book on Managing Your Weight...it identifies all kinds of issues way beyond the popular calories and [...]

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How come every MLM thinks their product works for everything?

I always want to laugh when I hear another MLMer claiming that their product is the be all and end all.  I have researched most of the products out there - and there are alot of companies and alot of products. And the products (and the companies) are not always what they claim to be!! [...]

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Is SITTING harmful to your health?

How much of your life do you spend sitting?  Sitting while reading, while studying; while doing your job at the computer; while doing data intry; while doing techy work; architectural work; etc etc.? I will admit up front, I do not support the gyms, and all their training.  There is too much evidence that prolonged [...]

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Dr Wakefield uncovers the truth of vaccinations

I have written several articles explaining how vaccinations can be very detrimental to your health.  One of the biggest challenges is when you learn that due to public outcry (not scientific research) the Big Pharma replaced the Mercury in vaccinations with aluminum. The challenge with this was that they already knew that 80 mcgs of [...]

Healthy or Unhealthy – that is the question

Many foods are touted as being healthy or healthier when in fact they are not. Lets look at a few examples: 1) Most granola bars, energy bars, meal replacement bars are not what they are cracked up to be.  They don't have what they claim to have and they usually have a whole bunch of [...]

Only one hormone important to weight management?

I read an article posted by someone today that there is only one important hormone to deal with when dealing with weight loss. I am amazed that anyone would suggest this.  While it is true that Leptin is hugely important as a fat burning hormone...Leptin needs to be in balance with Grehlin. The author was correc,t [...]

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