Cellulite – do you struggle against it?  Do you know there are different causes of it? cellulite untitled Did you know there are different things you can do about it?  Read on…

Cellulite can be caused by the following issues:

1) estrogen overload : excess estrogen (and various chemicals in foods and drugs) can make fat cells change their structure.  Females tend to organize their fats in the connective tissues that run perpendicular to the skin.  The weight of these fats can pull the skin down, thus creating the cottage cheese or orange peel effect

2) wrong fats : while good fats are hugely important to the body; bad fats are … well…bad…and they can disrupt the metabolism and become toxic…and get stored in fat cells to protect the body

3) good fats :  those great omega 3 fatty acids, and other good fats, not only provide good transport mechanisms; good hormones; insulation for the neurons, etc but also help to break down fats (note:  cholesterol in the liver changes into bile that is released into the intestines and is used to break down fats!!

4) lotions and potions:  may lotions block the absorption and release of various compounds that are very important for healthy skin.  Lotions with mineral oils may sound good – but if they are derivations of petrochemical waste products – they are harmful.  Most sun blockers are full of chemicals that do more damage than good.  Clean the skin and let the sun in — just be careful of those URA rays that are intense around lunch time.  The UVB rays we need to make Vitamin D and anti-carcinogens, etc

Now, what can we do to resolve the cottage cheese in our arms and legs?no cellulite imagesCASVVUTP

1) Good fats – yes back to fats again.  Avocados, coconut oil, good fish oil, real 100% chocolate (like Xocai chocolate) they all help to break down fats; absorb good nutrient; etc

2) Good fiber – the body requires fiber for a number of things – helps to rid the body of toxins; salts and sugars get stored if you do not have enough fiber to regulate the uptake

3) Labels – if you don’t know a substance on the food label – avoid the food, its has a good probability of being a toxin that may get stored in your fat cells; eat whole, fresh, organic foods

4) Apple cider vinegar:  contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and will help flush out toxins in the liver and gut; the liver can then re-stabilize and regulate the estrogens in the body

5) Sunflower seeds : contain Vit E, potassium and zinc and Vit B6 which helps to metabolize proteins that strengthen and repair connective tissue

6) Berries and other anti-oxidants : provoke collagen production; help to bread down fats attached to connective tissue (Dr. Ziechner);

7) Real chocolate:  powerful anti-oxidants like those found in Xocai chocolate break down fat in cellulite ; can release toxins from fat cells and change the fat cell into fatty acids to be used for energy – most dark &/or bitter chocolates have lost most of their anti-oxidants in the removal of the cocoa butter (which is full of excellent omega 3s) so go for the real thing.

8) Capsaicin : found in hot peppers of all kinds and hot sauces – also contain Vit B6; increases metabolism which makes you burn off calories and aids in reducing body fat  (Dr. Shemek)

9) Teas : various teas contain EGCG, like dandelion, green and ginger teas.  These will help flush out toxins, speed up metabolism, and increase fat burn and dehydrate fats

10) Skin products – if you have a skin problem – then find out why and eliminate the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom.  Again, unless it is natural…it probably has toxins in it that get stored – well, you know where.

11) Massage – a good regular massage does a wide variety of things besides just feel good:  gets the circulation moving; gets the lymphatic fluid moving; brings oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and rids the body of toxins…and massages the fat cells which helps to break them down.

You have a couple of months to prepare for those wonderful winter holidays.

Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!

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