I love all those commercials that say – your weight isn’t your fault – it is your metabolism.  One – it isn’t about fault!!! Two – it is your metabolism, not someone else’s!!  Third – it can be a wide number of issues apart from your metabolism.

But let’s look at what can impact your metabolism:

  • chronic psychological stress
  • chronic GUT stress
  • metal toxicity
  • environmental toxicity
  • poor nutrient: low fiber, low protein, low omegas, low mineral, etc
  • low glutathione
  • acidic system rather than alkaline
  • hyper active adrenal or adrenal fatique
  • hyper active thyroid or thyroid fatique
  • compromised liver
  • hormonal imbalance, ie., leptin and grehlin
  • not enough movement (note:  I didn’t say exercise)

What can these issues cause:

  • Weight gain – especially belly fat
  • Increase sub clinical and clinical inflammation
  • Decrease in mental alertness, memory, concentration
  • Decrease in energy
  • Imbalances in blood sugar regulation – leading to insulin resistance
  • Poorly regulated immune system
  •  Hormonal imbalance :  from the liver, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, etc
  • Increased risk of heart issues, diabetes, cancer
  • Increased blood pressure, plaque, and lowered nitric oxide
  • Poorly regulated sleep patterns
  • Food cravings
  • Imbalances in neurotransmitters:  over 50 different types
  • Lowered sex drive

Can you see a cycling effect going on here.   It is indicative of how interactive the body is…each system can impact on all the other systems…when one system is compromised…it results in other systems being compromised…

But there are solutions that stop the cycling and get you back into health…

There are fun foods to eat that are chalk full of nutrients – not the bland boring foods found in diets.

There are easy ways to get your adrenals, liver and thyroid back up and functioning…

There are easy ways to get your gut functioning in a healthy way again…

For more information, contact: Dr Holly at holly@choicesunlimited.ca

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