Coconut oil has been attributed many different health properties, any many false ones as well. Wikimedia commons split coconut

I recently read an article that claimed that it was “bad” because of the saturated fats.  It is too bad that the author didn’t do their research and realize that saturated fats are actually good for you.

I have also read articles that claim it will help you loose weight.  Well this claim could be true.  Coconut oils if full of medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) and they function a lot differently than long chain fatty acids:

  1. that help boost metabolism
  2. they don’t get stored as body chain like long chain fatty acids can
  3. they are sent straight to the liver from the digestive tract and either directly used for energy or turned into ketone bodies
  4. due to the above factor, coconut oil is considered thermogenic meaning, that it increases fat burning compared to the same amount of calories from other fats
  5. medium chain fatty acids make you feel fuller and thus reduce the sensation of hunger
  6. some studies however are in conflict as to which fats coconut oil acts most in, i.e., belly fat versus other fats in the body

Many articles also claim that coconut oil is good for pathogens…this too, could be true.  Coconut oil has particular compounds that are rarely found elsewhere.  For instance, the lauric acid found in coconut oil is great for fighting yeast infections and herpes.  The lauric acid can actually penetrate the membrane of active yeast and kill them.   There are many different types of yeast/Canadida infections:

  • Candida glabrata (nine)
  • Candida tropicalis (seven)
  • Candida parapsilosis (seven)
  • Candida stellatoidea (six)
  • Candida krusei (six)

Further, research has shown that coconut oil has a huge impact on Candida at 100% concentration, compared to fluconazole.  Click here for reference.

Due to its antimicrobial, antimicrobial and antifungal capacity, it turns out the coconut oil is also great as a deodorant.   When people use it as a deodorant, they can also mix it with essential oils to give it the scent they want.

Some articles claim that coconut oil aids an increase in the “good HDL” and lowers the “bad LDL”.  Unfortunately, they don’t identify which HDLs or LDLs.  There are several different HDLs and in fact, if HDL 3 is greater than HDL 2a or 2b, then you are in trouble.  Further, they are even more different kinds of LDLs.  Some are good for you and some are detrimental.  Unfortunately, very few MDs, or other health practitioners, understand all the different types of cholesterol and what they are responsible for.

Coconut oil has also been used for a wide variety of other issues…but as usual, it is important to do your research.   Sometimes, the “truth” is taken out of context; or it is distorted; or it is exaggerated…make sure that you get the truth not just some internet claim…

Here’s to your health!

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