CoQ10 was originally recognized in 1957.   But it has always been there and is fundamental for any cell in the body to function.  One of its most important functions occurs in making the cell’s fuel – ATP.  Without out the enzymes don’t function; virtually nothing gets broken down or created or even maintained without the enzymes and their fuel – ATP.

In the body’s wisdom, every cell has as many mitochondria as it needs to produce enough fuel – ATP for that given cell to function.  Thus, while many cells only have a few mitochondria, the heart cells have over a 1000 mitochondria – to produce enough fuel – ATP – to keep functioning!!! Anatomy_Heart_English_Tiesworks

Now that is alot of CoQ1o – just to keep a given heart cell functioning never mind all the rest of the body’s cells.

BUT CoQ10 doesn’t just play a part in the mitochondria, making ATP.  It also is required as one more
Free-radicals-oxygen anti-oxidant in the body to protect against free radicals.

CoQ10 is an oil soluble, vitamin like substance that is mandatory for our bodies to function.

The challenge is that many drugs prevent the body from making this vitally important molecule.

Interesting that in Europe the pharmaceutical companies have not been able to manufacture or sell Statin Drugs for over 20 years unless they combine them with enough CoQ10 to compensate for the loss of CoQ10 due to the statins.  When ever I talked with a cardiologist in North America about the fact that Statins prevented the body from making the important cholesterols and CoQ10, I would just get scoffed at as “flake”.

Only in the last year or so, have the North American physicians recognized that NDs and other alternative physicians were right all along.  Yet, it is the same pharmaceutical companies producing the drugs!!!  Makes you wonder??  It should!

The challenge today is…like any other substance in the body, there are different forms of CoQ10.  Some studies indicate that different forms have different bioavailability or uptake at different stages in one’s life.  Other studies say it doesn’t matter.  Some studies show that uptake depends on different things like:  size, oil suspension, factors that increase water solubility, available carriers, etc.

Like with all other nutrients and substances the body requires, your body is unique with regard to it pH levels; it DNA structures; it’s use of enzymes; etc etc.  Thus it is important to find a health practitioner who can determine what exactly you need.

A wide variety of althernative health practitioners know how to aid the body’s capacity to make CoQ10….ask your health practitioner.

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