I practiced as a Registered Psychologist for some 20 years.  During that time I saw a lot of clients with depression, anxiety or depression & anxiety.  I frequently sent clients to Naturopaths, Herbalists, etc because I did not think that the cause of their depression was how they interpreted and responded to the world, it was something else.

Since that time, I trained as a Naturopath and then switched over to a Dr of Natural Medicine.  I have also done a Masters in Herbal Medicine and a PhD in Nutrition, in addition to a homeopathy and Advanced Ayurveda Practitioner and other healing modalities.  I left the College of Psychologists because they didn’t accept Functional Medicine.

In the process, I wrote a book Depression:  the real cause may be in your body.  It is amazing how many DrHollybooksAdFBphysiological conditions have depression as the number one symptom.  Unfortunately, your MD, your psychiatrist, your psychologist have not been taught any of these underlying issues, except for the hugely misunderstood hypothyroid condition.  Click here to learn more about some of the physiological conditions with the video series on www.drhollybooks.com