I found it interesting that a physician who claims that he is ahead of the game, an integrative MD, just found this out.  But YOU can be ahead of the game.

What is PQQ – it is a compound that some clinical formulas combine with CoQ10.

Wikipedia CoQ10

Wikipedia CoQ10

Wikipedia:  ATP

Wikipedia: ATP

Wikipedia:  PQQ

Wikipedia: PQQ

Why?  Well CoQ10 is essential in the mitochondria – the cell organs that make the fuel (ATP) for the cell.  A basic cell may upwards of 500 mitochondria.



A heart cell, on the other hand, may have upwards of 2500 mitochondria to make sufficient fuel for the heart cell to keep going.

The mitochondria require CoQ10 (in the electron transfer chain) to make the fuel (ATP).

But PQQ takes the program a step further…it provokes the cell to make more mitochondria!!  It operates at the DNA level, to provoke the creation of new mitochondria in the cell.  With new healthy mitochondria, the cell can make more fuel and can function more effectively.  If cells are functioning more effectively, the whole body functions more optimally.

The mitochondria are responsible for more actions than making the fuel for the cell:

  • 1) hormone signaling : mitochondria are both sensitive to and responsive to hormones and in particular to estrogen (in the brain and heart)
  • 2) signaling processes through the mitochondrial free radicals (reactive oxygen species)
  • 3) calcium signaling: calcium provoked apoptosis
  • 4) apoptosis : pre programmed cell death – which is turned off in cancer cells
  • 5) metabolism: regulation of cellular metabolism with specific protein transport
  • 6) membrane potential :  regulates membrane potential
  • 7) steroid synthesis

Next question is what harms the mitochondria:

  • 1)  Medications:  http://www.mitoaction.org/blog/medication-exposures-mitochondrial-toxicity
    • All classes of psychotropic anti-depressants drugs (and in particular, Prozac, Elavil, Cipramil) have been documented to damage mitochondria,   (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18626887)
    • Anti-biotics, and in particular, tetracycline, minocycyline, chloramphenical and aminoglycosides (can also cause hearing loss, cardio and renal toxicity)
    • Anticonvulsants, an in particular Valproate (Depakote)
    • Anti-diabetic, in particular, Metformin also depletes CoQ10
    • Cholesterol drugs (statin drugs) prevent the body from making both cholesterol and CoQ10 are blocked with statin drugs and of course the mitochondria needs CoQ10 to make fuel (ATP)
    • Pain Killers, and in particular, acetimenophens, indocin, naproxen, aspirin, NSAIDS,
    • Steroids
    • stress related hormones, in partiuclar, those for adrenalin, catecholamines, testosterone
    • Other drugs include:  anti-arrhythmic, anti-retrovirals (HIV drugs), anti-virals (Interferon), beta blockers, cancer drugs
  • 2) Insufficient amounts of glutathione – glutathione is the one compound in the body that protects the mitochondria and is the Master Anti-oxidant and Master chelator (eliminates harmful metals)
  • 3) Insuffificient nutrients to make ATP – when the mitochondria cannot function the body eliminates them, for instance, Vitamin B2, B6, ferrodoxin, iron, copper, zinc, selenium
  • 4) Primary and secondary tobacco smoke
  • 5) Alcohol
  • 6) Toxic chemicals, i.e, rotenone found in insecticides and pesticides AND benzene rings found in hair dyes and paint fumes

I have been using a clinical formulation of PQQ/CoQ10 for the last few years with my clients.  It is always important to keep up with the latest research and protocols.

So, lets do a recap here:

  • 1) 99.5 % of drugs deplete your body of nutrients
  • 2) most drugs cause mitochondrial damage (either directly or indirectly by depleting nutrients)
  • 3) 48% of the 250 most commonly prescribed drugs cause cancer

Good reason to choose REAL medicine – address the underlying issue, rather than manage the symptoms – and get on with your life!!

Be responsible, do your homework, make healthy choices.

Here’s to your health!

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