Fingernail analysis goes back thousands of years…fingernailsIn ancient times, physicians utilized all parts of the body for analysis.  For instance:

  • TCM:  well known for
    • tongue analysis
    • ear analysis
    • 9 pulses
  • Ayurvedic:  well know for
    • iridology63 pulses
    • fingernail analysis
    • tongue analysistongue
    • facial analysis
    • eye analysis

So let’s look at what those lovely nails can tell us.

Healthy fingernails should be:

  • strong
  • pinkish
  • smooth
  • white crescent at the base

However, there are all kinds of nail dysfunctions:

  • Small lunulas (the half moon at the base of the nail)
    • pathogenic cold and weak immunity
    • Blurry or dark coloured lunulas
  • Large thumb lunulas or a lunula on the little finger
    • high blood pressure
  • Less than 8 lunulae
    • poor circulation/poor oxygen content
    • anemia
    • protein deficiency
    • vitamin A deficiency
  • Shoot like things from the border of the lunulae:
    • thyroid issues
    • cancer issues
    • prostate issues
  • Reddish or bluish tinge just above the lunula

    • heart issues
    • heavy metal poisoning
    • lung disease
    • Poor oxygen in the blood (shallow or intermittent breathing)
  • Vertical ridges (usually more prominent with age