As many of you know, I had an ovarian tumor the size of a hard ball. I was told i needed surgery immediately!! The MD was short, brisk and to the point and as she quickly left the room – she told me that i needed to make an appointment for surgery first thing Monday morning. I was left sitting in the room in shock.  I had seen several people die of the dreaded disease called cancer.

I phoned my Naturopath/Osteopath whom I had seen for a variety of different issues and he wanted to know what kind of cancer – wasn’t all cancer the same? No!  There are many different causes of cancer; many different types of cancer; and you can even have different types of cancers in the same organ or tissue.

Anyways, he put me on a Betalaine Diet and the entire tumor disappeared in 3.5 weeks!! That was over 30 years ago!!!

The body has provoked or allowed the development of cancer cells forever…yet it is only in today’s culture that cancer spreads and kills so many – why? Well our food is now toxic and devoid of the very nutrients our bodies require to support the immune system that keeps the cancer growth under control. So it makes sense to feed it those very nutrients to help it re-engage in its natural healing processes…it doesn’t make sense to drown the body in even more toxins called chemotherapy – but then that is why people now say – “if you don’t die from the chemotherapy – you may die from the cancer”!!

Today, REAL medicine knows that many cancers will resolve themselves if left alone. In fact, studies show that 40% of breast cancers will resolve themselves if left alone – yet the Mammogram – which has a received a “D” rating for the last few years by the FDA!! will in fact, provoke and spread many breast cancers!!

If we look at prostate cancer – and the PSA has also been given a “D” rating by the FDA over the past few years…further research shows that 80% of the drugs given for an enlarged prostate CAUSE cancer!!!

Did you know that over 40% of the 250 most commonly prescribed drugs are known to cause cancer – it is even on the label!!  Even when the toxic chemotherapy does work – it can leave the patient with issues like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or all kinds of other issues because of the toxicity of it.

In fact, Big Pharma research on cancer is still working on hypotheses that are decades old; obviously haven’t progressed with any cures; and take their toll both on the health and well being of the patient as well as their pocket book!!!

Although cancer has many different causes, the two biggest causes may be our pharmaceuticals and our food, the ultimate issue could be said to be with our immune system. It is estimated that we create about one million cancer cells a day. The body has to either eliminate or repair these damaged cells – and there are many ways the body can do this.  However, loading the body up with horribly toxic chemicals that destroy all the healthy cells in the body, including the immune system – is NOT a method I favor. Besides which, the success rates are horribly low and manipulated at that! My cancer instructor has a 92% success rate, across all types of cancers, and she used only foods and herbs. Even with the easiest of cancers, Western medicine cannot come anywhere close to that!!

There are many safe and easy ways to eliminate cancers from the body – let’s start by looking at some commonalities in cancer cells.

  1. cancer cells usually feed on high amounts of sugar – they take more sugar to create fuel than normal cells – okay so stop eating foods filled with sugar or that turn into sugar in the body!!
  2. apoptosis is turned off – that means that they don’t die like normal cells – they keep on living and keep on reproducing – but foods, herbs and spices can turn apoptosis back on!!!
  3. the cancer cell membrane is designed to take in sugar – which is why people claim that it can thrive in an acidic environment – sugar is acidic
    1. but the membrane doesn’t allow oxygen to cross over – which is alkaline
    2. but herbs and foods can change the membrane so that it takes in oxygen rather than sugar
    3. which creates an alkaline inner pH
  4. tumors are great at provoking angiogensis or the creation of new blood vessels in order to take the nutrients from the body to support the cancer – and of course, foods and herbs can stop this process

REAL research has identified all kinds of foods and herbs that can alter these four basic commonalities in cancer!

One of the challenges however, is in knowing which foods/herbs/supplements don’t just feed the body but also feed the cancer.  So one must understand both the cancer and what it feeds on.

Turmeric is one herb I love for all types of cancers: the curcuminoid compound in turmeric can be taken both orally and topically

  1. Turmeric modulates over 700 your genes!!!
  2. And over 160 different physiological pathways in the body
  3. And effects signaling molecules in your body
  4. AND it appears to work against all cancers!!!
  5. While is supports all your healthy cells
    1. one has to be careful with turmeric because over 80% of the worlds turmeric is toxic
    2. turmeric is also very difficult to absorb – so it needs to be mixed with appropriate fatty acids for transport
    3. the peperine compound found in most “hot” peppers (not bell peppers) is also incredibly helpful to metabolize turmeric

Other herbs are also known to fight cancer:

  • Ginger: 
  1. ginger for instance causes cancer cells to commit suicide by turning on apoptosis in cancer cells
  2. ginger works for cancers like: breast, colon, rectal, liver, lung, prostate, pancreatic and melanoma
  • Garlic – even Hippocrates identified the herb for cancers
  1. the allinase compound produces anti-fungal, anti-cancer compounds
  2. halts cancer causing substances in the body
  3. reduces cancer cell proliferation
  4. enhances DNA repair

Various polyphenols found in foods can destroy cancers as well.

  1. for instance, the polyphenols found in green tea will attack cancer cells but leave the healthy ones alone

Various anti-oxidants found in different foods can help to destroy the cancer cells as well.

  1. resveratrol, pomegranate and cocoa all have anti-oxidants that kill cancer cells

Let’s not forget my life saving compound – the betalaines

  1. there are over 70 different known betalianes – but the powerful ones can be found in foods such as beets
  2. I used predominately beets to get rid of my cancer

Cannaboids found in hemp (and in marijuana if you want all the extra THC) are great cancer fighters for many types of cancer never mind diabetes, depression, anxiety, pain, etc

  1. have you ever wondered why the research focuses more on the marijuana than the hemp? hemp isn’t illegal in most places whereas marijuana is. Thus the control and costs can be regulated by using “medical marijuana” whereas it can’t by using “hemp oil”

Lemons are great for cancer – have an effect on 12 different types of cancers! The combination of flavanoids, carotenoids and liminoids have a great anti-cancer effect in the body.

Other citrus fruits also have lycopene and beta carotenes that contribute to reducing cancers while helping other issues in the body.

What about the famous cruciferous vegetables:

  1. protect cells from DNA damage
  2. render carcinogens inactive
  3. induce apoptosis
  4. inhibit angiogenesis

And then of course there are the mushrooms – some mushrooms have a specific type of proteoglycans/polysaccarides-peptides or beta glucans that fight cancer cells

  1. Shitake, maitake, cordyceps, red reishi and others (50 different types of mushrooms have been identified) have the immunoceuticals that fight cancer cells
  2. improve immune function
  3. prevent blood supply to tumors
  4. enhanced the body’s capacity to infiltrate the cancer cell membranes with cytotoxic T-cells

And of course, we even have sea vegetables that contain the famous fucoidan compound, another type of polysaccaride, known to kill cancer cells

  1. these include: arami, kelp, kombu, wakame

Foods that enhance both the immune system and the probiotics in your gut (which work synergistically with your immune system) also help your body fight cancer cells.

The challenge is that this type of research is not allowed into the Big Pharma controlled medical journals and so physicians and researchers don’t find the huge amounts of data, clinical studies and both generalized and specific types of research concerning REAL food and REAL herbs used in REAL medicine to treat cancer.

There is in fact, a massive amount of research – some of the research is presented below – organized into categories; others are listed generally below.

Finally, if you want the whole story – click here for my book on cancer that is fully referenced for all types of research.  



1)    Curcumin, ie., tumeric, ginger

  1. Br J Clin Pharmacol 1998 Jan;45(1):1-12;update
    Toxicol Lett 2000 Mar 15;112-113:499-505). They observed that curcumin slows the rate at which hormone-responsive prostate cancer cells become resistant to hormonal therapy
  2. Biochemists in Chinareported January 2007 that month that curcumin “downregulates homeobox gene NKX3.1 in prostate cancer cell LNCaP
  3. In Japanthis year researchers defined curcumin as a broad-spectrum anti-cancer agent: Iqbal M, et al. Pharmacol Toxicol. 2003 Jan;92(1):33-8).
  4. Vimala, S., et al. Anti-tumour promoter activity in Malaysian ginger rhizobia used in traditional medicine. British Journal of Cancer, Vol. 80, No. 1/2, april 1999, pp. 110-16.
  5. a)       The important bioactive substances in turmeric and ginger include those involved with:
  6. Oxygen homeostasis;
    2. The death of cancer cells by a process called apoptosis;
    3. Enzymes of crucial importance in the immune system;
    4. The metabolism of essential fatty acids; and
    5. Various other healing responses.

2)     Betalaines, ie., beets, prickly pear (72 types of betalaines; 24 categories)

  1. Phenolic composition, antioxidant capacity and in vitro cancer cell cytotoxicity of nine prickly pear (Opuntia spp.) juices. Chavez-Santoscoy RAGutierrez-Uribe JASerna-Saldívar SO. Source:  Departamento de Biotecnología e Ingeniería de Alimentos, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Av. Eugenio Garza Sada 2501 Sur,Monterrey CP 64849, NL, México.
  2. Phenolic composition, antioxidant capacity and in vitro cancer cell cytotoxicity of nine prickly pear (Opuntia spp.) juices.

Chavez-Santoscoy RAGutierrez-Uribe JASerna-Saldívar SO.

Source: Departamento de Biotecnología e Ingeniería de Alimentos, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Av. Eugenio Garza Sada 2501 Sur, Monterrey CP 64849, NL, México.

During the inflammatory process a chemical is released known as myeloperoxidase (MPE).
This is the most powerful oxidant produced by the human neutrophil during acute inflammation, especially from infection or cancer.

Betalains found in the Nopal cactus fruit extinguish the fire of inflammation caused by MPE and protect the healthy cells. Betalains rescue the cell by quenching the fire of free radicals

3)    Liminoids ie., lemons

  1. Limonoids inhibit tumor
    formation by promoting the formation of a detoxifying enzyme.
  2. Limonoids cause apoptosis (death) in cancer cells, he said.

4)    Glutathione

  1.  Molecular epidemiology of the human glutathione S-transferace genotypes GSTM1 and GSTT1 in cancer susceptibility
  2. discusses how glutathione is both a preventative; and a treatment
  3. a)       glutathione is the master endogenous anti-oxidant; a chelator; an anti-inflammatory; a transporter; protects DNA and ETC production of ATP (fuel in the cell)

There are two predominant ways to increase glutathione levels.  Taking it in food or supplement form is of no benefit because

  1. a) it gets broken down in the stomach into 3 amino acids, a sulfur and hydro
  2. b) even if stayed together, there are no transport systems into the cells

Therefore it has to be made inside of the cell….

  1. increase the cells tools to make glutathione by turning on the appropriate DNA mechanisms
  2. make sure that the methylation cycles are working (methionine, folate, biopterin and urea)
  3. making sure the mitochondria are functioning

5)   Polysaccrids (beta glucans) ie., mushrooms i.e., Ganoderma Lucidum; Red Reishi

  1. identifies a numbe
    r of universities, researchers, and papers of those who have researched beta glucans and cancer

Beta glucans” refers generally, but not always, to Beta- 1,3/1,6-glucan. “Scleroglucan” and “PSAT” are two Beta-1,3/1,6-polysaccharides. Beta glucans are derived primarily from yeast cell wall, various fungi, grains, and mushrooms.  Beta 1,4 glucan is derived from oats and barley, minimally effective in immune potentiation and not included in this research summary of forms of Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan.  Many beta glucans are marketed under various trademark names that 

  1. are not unique ingredient formulations.
  2. Beta 1,3-D Glucan works by activating the macrophages, or immune cells, which trap and engulf foreign substances. These activated cells start a cascade of events that cause the entire system to be alerted and mobilised, in an entirely naturally activated sequence. This amplified immune system response helps speed up the recovery of damaged tissue, helps other substances like antibiotics, anti-fungals and anti-parasitics to work better, and helps the macrophages recognise and destroy mutated cells.”

6)   Procyanidins ie., chocolate, apples : promote apoptosis (or death) in cancer cells

1. Chemopreventive properties of apple procyanidins on human colon cancer-derived metastatic SW620 cells and in a rat model of colon carcinogenesis

Francine Gossé1Sylvain Guyot2Stamatiki Roussi1Annelise Lobstein3Barbara Fischer1Nikolaus Seiler1 and Francis Raul1,*

+ Author Affiliations

2. Procyanidins inhibit proliferation and promote apoptosis of the prostate cancer cell line LNCaP]. 

[Article in Chinese]  Wu ZQHuang HDing XM,Luo RC.

Source :  Department of Oncology,NanfangHospital, SouthernMedicalUniversity,Guangzhou 510515,China.

3.  Our results show that apple procyanidins alter intracellular signaling pathways, polyamine biosynthesis and trigger apoptosis in tumor cells. These compounds antagonize cancer promotion in vivo. In contrast with absorbable drugs, these natural, non toxic, dietary constituents reach the colon where they are able to exert their antitumor effects.

4. skin cancer— grape seed proanthocyanidins decreased tumor numbers and reduced the malignancyof papillomas.[9]

 Always make sure you do your research…know what options you have and the real research behind it.  Different foods, herbs and spices are also known to interact with different types of cancer.

Other references: 


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