I loved this article.  Yes, French Kissing is good for your health, in a couple of different ways.  But let’s look at the possibilities.

When you give someone a stoic kiss on the lips, you exchange a small amount of bacteria, good and bad.Dr Holly French Kissing

BUT when you French Kiss, even for only 10 seconds, apparently, you can exchange upwards of 80 million bacteria.  Now the study focused on eating a “healthy” yogurt and not all the sugar and fruit filled yogurts.  After one person ate the yogurt they tested the saliva and swabbed the tongue of the other person.  The study showed that the receiving person had an additional 80 million bacteria count for the two types of bacteria found in yogurt.

Some of the bacteria were more transient than others; while others were left to build their colonization.  Further, the tongue was more receptive than the saliva.  Further, couples who engaged in more frequent and more intimate kissing revealed more similarities in their oral bacterial profile than those that didn’t.  Now this provides a lot of interesting issues for further research.

1.  Which bacteria are more likely to survive and then thrive, due to the exchange

2. What about the transfer of pathogenic bacteria and then of course, we would have to study, what you should eat or drink afterwards to kill the pathogens, i.e., honey – a great anti-bacterial food

3. Can the transfer of pathogenic bacteria provide a natural homeopathic style of vaccination

4.  If we exchanged good healthy bacteria, can they make their way to the gut where we need them AND how can we help provide safe passage for them

5 We know that people who cannot put on weight have a very different gut microbiota profile than those who cannot lose weight, should fat people be kissing thin people

6. or conversely, if a fat person was kissing a thin person, would the thin person get fat

7. Or optimally, would they balance one another out

8.  Now for the more erotic question, what happens during oral sex…who wants to be in that study??

9.  For each of these scenarios, what other factors are involved, ie., pH of the mouth, diet, nutrient deficiency, metal and environmental toxicity, and how strong or compromised are the immune systems of the Kisser and the Kissee

Now just for the fun of it, think of the social implications and ramifications.   A Health Clinic is set up to provide an exchange of oral healthy bacteria!!  You go in and pay to regularly engage in French Kissing with a Fat person, Thin person, or person who had the microbiota that you were deficient in.  Rather than go to the gym to engage in arerobic, weight training, etc we go to Health Clinic and engage in Kissing…sounds like a lot more fun to me.

Of course, the shop would provide the Kisser and the Kissee, as it were, with food or drink afterwards to make sure the pathogenic guys were effectively cleaned out.

How creative is YOUR imagination?  There are a lot more questions we could post, concerning this new economic health endeavor, but again, i have to leave something to your imagination.

Here’s to your health!

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