Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas season.

I hope that this is going to be the best year you have ever had, but the worst of all those yet to come.

AND, I hope that your New Years Goals are about changing habits.

Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine

Dr Holly – real whole organic food and medicine


People often make New Years Eve Resolutions. The most common one they make is about weight.

If you made a New Years Resolution about weight, i would suggest that you might want to do the following.

Rather than identifying the number of pounds you want to eliminate.

Identify a new habit you want to incorporate into your routine. A healthy habit. A habit that will benefit your body and mind.

Include a new food; change your breakfast routine; meditate; exercise for 15 minutes a day; read a book each week. Choose just one thing.books signature image email

Once you have identified your new habit, and you have worked for a few weeks. Add one more new habit. Work it till you have integrated it into your life routines. And continue on.

When we focus on the specific changes we need to make rather than the final goal, we tend to have a better capacity to follow through AND meet our end goals.

Hoping the very best for you in this next year.

Here’s to your health.

For more information, contact: Dr Holly at holly@choicesunlimited.ca

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