I will give you a brief personal story…I was told at the age of 26 that i would be blind by the time I was 30. Pretty scary. If I have one fear – it is not being able to see. It scares the pajeebees out of me. I was already wearing what we used to call Granny glasses – they were really thick lenses.

The specialist told me I had to join classes to learn how to be blind!! No Way!!

I told him I refused to be blind and I would find a way to help my eyes.  He patted me on the head and very condescendingly said “Yes, I know, my dear. This is hard and you are in denial.”

I went back a year and a half later and didn’t get diagnosed with the hoped for 20/20 vision, I did even better!! I had 20/19 vision!!

There are a variety of exercises you can do for the eyes and various foods you can eat on for the eyes AND there are ways of turning on genes in your DNA that help you regain your eyesight.

You DO NOT have to wear glasses/contacts.

But let’s look at what happens if you do wear contacts or glasses. Your eye muscles accommodate to the lenses and you become dependent on them. Your eyes learn how to be weaker. It is like putting a cast and on an arm and leaving it there. The muscles will soon atrophy. If you don’t use them and you don’t feed them – what else do you expect them to do.

Now we all know that every one is unique and individual. So the key is to come in and find out specifically what your eyes require.

Here’s to your health.

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