You may wonder why there are so many advertisments about compounds that kill cancer.  There is an answer…read on.

  • 1)  There are many different types of cancers
  • 2)  There are many different types of cancers
  • 3)  There are many different ways to kill different cancers

REAL medicine has recognized over a 100 different types of protocols to kill cancers or to help your body kill cancers.  Big Pharma is aware of most of them, but of course, they cannot “patent” REAL compounds, only synthetic artificial compounds.  Thus, there is no money in REAL medicine for them.

Cancers are actually a broad group of diseases and have a wide range of causes.  Cancers are different according to their biology and  their pathophysiology.   Some cancers are provoked by infections.  Some cancers are provoked by toxins.  Some are simply the result of DNA going sideways during replication and the body not catching and destroying the mutation:

Mutations may be:

  • caused because of a default in the error-correcting machinery of the cell. This may cause accumulation of errors rapidly in the cell and its progeny
  • caused because of errors in the signaling (endocrine) machinery of the cell. This leads transmission of the error signals to nearby healthy cells as well
  • caused when the correction capacities allow the cells to migrate and disrupt more healthy cells away from the primary site of origin
  • caused when “apoptosis” is turned off and the abnormal cell refuses to die.

This last issue is a huge issue in cancer development.  While a normal cell has “apoptosis” or preprogrammed cell death programmed into it at a genetic level…this “apoptosis” is turned off in cancer cells which allow the cells to continue to grow and not die.

There are a huge number of risk factors that allow any of the above mutations to develop:

  • 1) dysfunctional or depleted immune system
  • 2) imbalance in the body’s healthy bacteria that work synergestically with the immune system
  • 3) deficient nutrients in the body, like Vitamin D3
  • 4) the body’s inability to make important compounds like glutathione, that regulate the immune system and a huge number of other factors, due to:
    • DNA not being able to make the tools that make glutathione
    • the methylation cycle (4 different cycles) not functioning effectively
    • the mitochondria in the cell not being able to produce fuel (ATP)

There are many ways to cause dysfunctioning/death in a cancer cell:

  • 1) alter the cancer cell membrane so that it absorbs oxygen rather than sugar (which it needs to keep it ascidic on the inside AND make fuel)
  • 2) turn on “apoptosis” so that the cells are once again programmed to die
  • 3) block off “angiogenisis” (the creation of new blood cells – cancer cells are good at this so that they can absorb the body’s nutrients)

So, when we are looking at all the different compounds that are acclaimed to effect cancer…there are a huge number depending on if we are addressing:

  • 1) the cause of the cancer
  • 2) altering the cancer cell functioning
  • 3) enhancing the body’s capacity to eliminate the cancer

We have volumes of research addressing each of these issues and consequently, many ways to eliminate cancer.  Some cancers are more responsive to various therapies and others are more challenging.   One of my instructors in REAL medicine was a Medical Herbalist who taught oncology and who claimed a 94% success rate across all cancers.  WOW!!! When you have studies showing that 92% of oncologists would not take chemotherapy and a 94% success rate using REAL medicine, it is amazing that anyone goes to an oncologist.

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Dr Holly  Cancer: Why what you don't know about your treatment could harm you.

Dr Holly Cancer: Why what you don’t know about your treatment could harm you.

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