Hang in there, Everyone. You are doing great. Okay so we have the health tip #5 to add to our list this week. What shall it be?

Well we have know that meditation helps the mind to slow down; improves learning capacity, memory and concentration; helps the body to rebalance pH; it is good for the nerves and the digestive system and the cardio system. But do we take the time to do it?meditation

As much as the body requires regular movement, it also requires focused awake time to slow down, get grounded, get focused, clear out the crap.

So why don’t we add meditation into our routine this week. The Masters claim that meditation first thing in the morning is best. But I will leave it up to you. I think it is more important that you find a time of day that is regular and consistent. I meditate twice a day – first thing in the morning – well actually after i take my dogs for a walk; and then again at lunch. Why? I am on the go all the time. Rarely slow down for anything. I do think that when our system is calm it has a better capacity to digest and absorb nutrients.

When we are hyped up and going – our adrenals deal with the flight/fight adrenal rush process. They basically cut off all digestive processes and send energy to the periphery of the body.

So it follows that when we mediate and everything is calm, we have more access and energy to send to the digestive processes.

There are many different types of meditation although most do focus to some extent on your breathing. Deep breaths in; long breaths out. If you need to use music or visualization or the singing bowls or whatever helps you, do so. Whatever is going to make it happen for you.

So let’s focus on something easy. If you don’t meditate, just start with 5 minutes. We want to work up to about 20 minutes. But often we need to start slow and build. So let’s start with 5 minutes.

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Here’s to your health!

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