Welcome to our second month of Easy & Simple Health Tips. What shall we focus on this month? Well let’s look at food and mental health. How can food impact on our mental clarity and mood? It can. And a lot.

First of all, we have already discussed how the probiotics in your gut can impact on your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. That is huge in and of itself. I have worked with so many people both as a Psychologist and as a Dr of Natural Medicine/Dr of Nutrition, who suffered from depression. It is amazing how so much of depression is due to the body as opposed to how we interpret and respond to the world.

Unfortunately, anti-depressants are based on a hypothesis that has never been proven, ie., that depression is the result of low serotonin production and/or reuptake in the brain. Consequently, the real stats show that anti-depressants work for less than 18% of the population which doesn’t mean a whole lot when you realize that the placebo effect runs between 32-38%. But at least those guys who willingly and diligently take those anti-depressant pills are supporting Big Pharma and their local psychiatrist.

But let’s get back on tract, we were looking at the pre and probiotics. We need a healthy gut to meatbolize and absorb all the nutrients in the food that we eat. AND, we need a healthy immune system, which predominantly resides in the gut. AND the interaction between the immune system and the microbiota is huge!!!

When out of balance it can cause weight issues, both over and under. It can cause issues with the heart, blood, liver and adrenals. We can suffer from allergies, brain fog, and fatigue. Holy cow, we really need to take care of that gut.

So how do we help the system out? We eat lots of pre and probiotic foods.

Cabbage we all ready talked about in a prior Easy & Simple & Cheap Health Tip. So what other kinds of probiotics can we eat?

  • Kefir – basically a liquid yogurt
  • Yogurt – make sure you buy or make it without fruit
  • Kimchi – Asian version of saurkraut
  • Kombucca – again very easy to make
  • Pickled and fermented foods

Dairy based probiotic only provides one group of bacteria. We need a wide variety. Choose to eat a wide variety of good pre and probiotic foods.

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Here’s to your health!

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