Plants and Herbs are a powerful and concentrated source ofherbs in the garden with jars phyto nutrients.  Like the bacteria in our gut, they transform chemical compounds into nutrients that not only do they need but that we also need.   They are not only full of vitamins and minerals but also:

  • sugars
  • proteins
  • fats
  • pheromonesvariety of fresh herbs
  • alkaloids
  • phenols
  • glycocides
  • terpenes

Each of these categories can be further broken down into a multitude of other categories.  For instance with Phenols, we have

  • simple phenolspolyphenol chart
  • polyphenols
  • phenolic acids
  • quinnones
  • napthoquinnones
  • xanthonoids
  • lignans
  • courmarins
  • anthocynanins
  • flavonoids
  • flavones

to name a few and each of these can be broken down into more categories with hundreds of actual compounds.  Each of these compounds can provide a multitude of actions, for instance, we most of the phenols are anti-oxidants.

There are a wide variety of anti-oxidants, that act on different types of free radicals in different parts of the body and / or the cell.  Some are strong and others are weak.  Some have massive and impact and others have very localized impact.  Some are simply anti-oxidants, while perform a wide variety of functions and therefore have a more systemic impact.

Unfortunately, the concept of anti-oxidants has been well marketed and abused in the process.  For instance, people drink green tea believing it has good anti-oxidants.  Not being aware that there are over 600 varieties of green tea with a wide range of ECGCs and with a wide range of concentration.  Consequently, most green tea out there is not providing what people are looking for.

Likewise, from cosmetics to shampoos to skin cream, companies proclaim the anti-aging benefits of the product because it has a small inkling of a cheap anti-oxidant – but it sells well.

Medical Herbalism on the other hand is very focused on the sources, processing and formulating of plants (foods, flowers, herbs, spices) and how to maximize their compounds to provide the maximum benefit for the individual – whether well or unhealthy.  How to combine these different plants into formulations that are synergizistic and work well at benefiting each other.

Herbal Medicine has a long history and has been utilized throughout most cultures.  Most of pharmaceuticals are based on isolating a given compound in plants (compounds never work well in isolation – they are created together to work in a synergestic dance); then the labs manufactor a man made replica (anything man tries to replicate from nature has disastrous side effects) – the pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to patent anything that is natural  – the only way they can make money is in their attempts to recreate nature and we have seen what a disastrous impact that has had.

Now, some pharmaceuticals are good at masking symptoms..but typically the long term effects have a tremendous cost to the body.   Whether they are depleting important nutrients in the body or whether they are allowing the underlying issue to continue to grow out of control while masking the symptoms…often the effects are not seen in the short run but rather in the long term, whether it be the dementias caused from chemo therapy or the developmental disorders caused from vaccinations or the yeast infections and other gut problems caused by anti-biotics or the inability of the body to make its own fuel due to statin drugs…the list just goes on and on.

Fortunately with all the labortories around the world thatplate of healthy fruits and vegetables are now studying real and natural healing remedies, we are learning so much more about what was used historically – and so very effectively.  Further, using foods and herbs to treat one issue may benefit a multitude of issues.

We are learning how plants and herbs can reverse cancer, reverse arthritis, reverse dementias, reverse fibromyalgia, reverse diabetes, reverse heart conditions, ADHD< autism, allergies, cholesterol, depression, inflammatory conditions, liver issues, and the list goes on and on.

For instance, we have Protandim, a 5 herb formulation (very Ayurvedic) has been studied in over 25 universities and found to not only heal all kinds of disorders; but also turn on the DNA/genes in our bodies that allow our bodies to do the healing they were designed to do…

There are a multitude of articles and books on this site that deal with all kinds of healing remedies found in our pantries, in our natural products, that amplify and support the bodies capacity to do what it was designed to do.

Do your homework, be responsible for your health…

Here’s to your health!

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