Ancient History was well known for its surgical procedures.  Did you know that in Ancient India, Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest known medicine to mankind, had phenomenal surgical procedures?

Did you know that Ayurvedic medicine did not use alterficial and potentially dangerous man made anesthetics, but rather used to the body’s marma points (usually recognized as accupuncture points) to create local and/or general anesthetics?

Did you know that their surgical success was excellent?  That they not only did organ transplants but limb transplants?  That they were far ahead of where we are today?

So what does this mean in terms of hips and knees today?

Well, in ancient India, they rarely did knee and hip surgeries because of the Mahanarayan oil.  It is made with upwards of 32 herbs – and not simply infused like we do in the West today…!!  But this oil worked as :

• – a pain killer

• – an anti-inflammatory

• – AND provides all the nutrients, through the skin, for the connective tissue to rebuild!!  Cartilage, ligaments, tendons, are not well vascularized – meaning they are not full of blood vessels like bone and muscle.  Consequently, when hurt, it is difficult to bring in the nutrient for repair – so they take a long time to heal.

However, this Maha oil, as I call it, brings in all the nutrients through the skin and does a phenomenal job of healing all those connective tissues.

I am clumsy – while I love sports – I do tend towards the accidents!!!  I have torn every cartilage, tendon, and ligment in both knees.  Have been told repeatedly that I would require several operations and been told that I would never walk again – repeatedly!!!

Yet, I have never had an operation and I walk just fine!!!

One specialist said to me:  “If I did not know better, I would think you were an Olympic athlete – I have never seen anyone heal this well”.

So while I cannot give guarantees, I would suggest that you research the Maha oil before you undergo surgery.  Personally, I use the Sewanti products.

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