Would you believe there are 1000s and 1000s.  I read somewhere, years ago, there are over 18,000 known anti-oxidants.  However, there is also alot of misinformation about anti-oxidants.  For instance, one acclaimed specialist sent out a blog claiming that while glutathione is the anti-oxidant for the liver, bilberry is the anti-oxidant for the eyes.  What he obviously didn’t know was:

1) while glutathione is in every cell of the body and the highest concentration is in the liver…the 2nd highest concentration is in the eyes….!

2) the highest concentration of Vitamin C – another anti-oxidant – is in the eyes

Now glutathione is considered the Master Anti-oxidant for a variety of reasons…

1) it recycles itself – and so unlike other anti-oxidants, can be used over and over and over…

2) it recycles other anti-oxidants – which allows them to be used over and over

3) it operates on all kinds of free radicals, whereas other anti-oxidants only operate on one type of free radical

4) it operates in all locations…inside the cell, the cell membrane and outside of the cell, whereas other anti-oxidants only operate in one location

And, perhaps the most important – it has all kinds of other functions. For instance:

  1. it protects the mitochondria – the fuel producing organelle inside each cell
  2. it provokes the enzyme that helps produce more telomeres at the end of each DNA strand
  3. it provides the inner cell transportation for amino acids
  4. it regulates the immune system cells
  5. it allows red blood cells to take up and release oxygen and carbon dioxide
  6. it either corrects or eliminates reproducing cells that are damaged
  7. it regulates various hormones, for instance, it eliminates excess estrogens

the challenge with glutathione is that it has to be made inside the cells. In order to make glutathione, your methylation cycles need to be functioning and so does your mitochondria. And of course, you have to be indulging in a healthy diet to provide all the nutrients:

  1. make the enzymes that break down the nutrients in the gut
  2. make the transport mechanisms that transport the nutrients through the gut into the portal blood system and up to the liver
  3. so the liver can make all the compounds it needs to make to transport those nutrients in the blood throughout the body
  4. so each cell can create healthy methylation cycles and healthy mitochondria
  5. so that the cell can make glutathione

Remember, nothing happens in isolation!

Here’s to healthy eating so the body can make its own powerful anti-oxidants!!

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