Okay so we have heard of POPs, PCBs, DDTs, growth hormones, zenoestrogens, etc etc. It gets overwhelming hearing about these over 85,000 toxic chemicals that have been introduced into our environmet since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. And we know these toxins can cause a huge number of disorders, dysfunctions and depletions in the body: from cancer to depression; from weight gain to diabetes, ADHD, autism, etc etc etc

Here is one more that you may have heard of : PFOAs

PFOAs is the toxin released in teflon pans – everytime you use them – that kills birds.

PTFE (polytetrafluoronethylene) is a “non-reactive, low-friction substance” called Teflon. The key ingredient PFOA (perfluororctanoic acid akda C8) is a key ingredient in PTFE. (It is also found in microwave popcorn; pizza boxes,

PFOA is a carcinogen, known to be toxic to animals. Apparently 99% of the general population have traces of this PFOA in their blood.

This chemical is highly correlated with kidney & thyroid cancers; thyroid disease; and ulcerative colitis.

And it is so easy to avoid…avoid Teflon coated cookware – or anything that is heat resistant and/or non-stick; wrinkle free, stain resistant, water proof clothing; and microwave popcorn.

Here’s to your health.

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