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As a practitioner and therapist, I want to give my best to my client – that means education and knowledge. I obtained a PhD in Psychology and I have worked as a therapist for over 25 years (not registered with the BC College of Psychologists – see CV/resume). As a therapist, I came across too many patients/clients who didn’t fit into what I was taught. My first step outside of the accepted ‘mold,’ was studying hypnotherapy 25 years ago – before it became the popular thing to do.

Over the years, I studied nutrition – it made sense – the body and the brain can only do what they need to do if they have the nutrients to do it with. In addition, different types of toxicity impaired how they could function.

Eventually, I went back to school and studied for my ND (Naturopathic Doctor) then switched over to a DNM® (Doctor of Natural Medicine) whereby I could choose the top practitioners in the field to study under and create a top notch one-on-one clinic program. My studies extended to Ayurvedic Medicine (US & India) and other alternative health modalities. I am now qualified to work in 132 countries around the world. I am currently working on a law degree so I can more effectively deal with people who have issues.

Subsequently, I wrote another Master’s Thesis in Herbal Medicine: Bridging Ayurvedic,Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medical Herbalism; studied reflexology; REBA Homeopathics; and various others tools, such as ASYRA. With my peripatetic education, I have the opportunity to work with various scientific laboratories in leading edge research.

Currently, I do all the counseling work under my designation as a DNM®. My success comes from having so many tools to choose from. With my knowledge and experience, I have the capacity to recognize whether depression is a psychological issue or a physiological issue and how to treat it.

Clients may be local individuals who come to address health issues OR they may be large businesses, corporations, institutions, pro athletes, etc who ask for presentations. I have over 150 presentations on health on a wide variety of topics that stretch from the psychological to the cellular.

In my life, I have learned that if a body has too much power and it is not utilized for the highest good of all – walk away. When your morals and values dictate that you need to do the best for the most, then the ego has little power. I serve my clients with honour and integrity and have the strength of my convictions. It is my firm belief that if you have the opportunity to learn, you have the responsibility to share.


Dr. Holly Fourchalk, Ph.D., DNM®, RHT, HT

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Doctor of Natural Medicine, Master Herbalist, PhD Psychology, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reflexologist, Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist,

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