Apparently, both Fifth Estate and PBS are going to be presenting a program on the “hidden dangers” and “supplement safety”.

I would think the reason for these kinds of programs is because soo many people are moving away from Conventional Medicine to Real Medicine.  Medicine with real and herbs that address the underlying issues as opposed to the synthetic versions that attempt to manage the symptoms.drugs

Even when people utilize the prescribed synthetic drugs, they usually also take supplements.

But are the supplements all they are cracked up to be?  Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no.   Just like with pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals can also have their issues.  Let’s take turmeric for instance.  Many have heard all the incredible benefits of turmeric, but turmeric is hard to absorb.  However, when you mix turmeric with certain fats, the concentration capacity is much higher.

In addition, to the need to provide enzymes, or fats, or transport mechanisms, etc that a given nutrient requires,  there are other issues with nutraceuticals:

  1. herbs in the garden with jarsare they real or synthetic – more and more research is revealing that synthetic supplements just do not have the impact as the real compoundDr Holly good fats in a heart
  2. the real compound is much more effective when taken in the whole food it was found in
  3. unfortunately, the real food is contaminated with toxins and often nutrient deficient
  4. sometimes when we need a given compound in a food to correct an illness, we need a large amount of it
  5. when the compound is made synthetically, it is often a “chiral” version that is created, i.e., any given chemical “mirroring” of the compound3937374793_8949ce3a3e_o

So yes, we can appreciate that there are challenges with nutraceuticals.

On the flip side of coin:

  1. we keep hearing about all the fraud associated with Big Pharma
  2. we keep hearing about how so much of “clinical research” was even done
  3. we keep hearing about how the “clinical research” is based on false hypotheses
  4. even the editor in chiefs of the most respected medical journals are denouncing the Big Pharma research

I would suggest that due to the problems with Big Pharma, people are turning more and more to nutraceuticals.  Big Pharma needs to fight back…and the only way they can do that is to produce programs like the ones coming up.  Will they give both sides of the coin – from a place of truth?  Not likely.  But…you the consumer can do your homework and make wise choices.

Here’s to your health!

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