In my last doctoral thesis I presented the “3 Pillars of Glutathione” OR “the integrated model for the biochemistry of cellular healing”.    Glutathion-Book

There are many MLM companies that claim if you take their product they will increase the cellular production of glutathione – one of the most important compounds in the body.

But they fail to tell you the following:

  • 1) there are 8 different glutathione compounds in the body
  • 2) you need the extended methylation cycle to regulate and synthesize glutathione
    • a) methionine cycle
    • b) folic acid cycle
    • c) biopterin cycle
    • d) urea cycle
  • 3) you need effective DNA expression to make the RNA tools that create the glutathione
  • 4) you need healthy mitochondrial function to provide the fuel for the tools to make the glutathione
  • 5) finally you need the nutrients for the actual glutathione

If any of these functions are not working effectively, you will make glutathione in the short term, but the process will fall down again.

Consequently, they get you taking pills for the rest of your life, because…you are not actually solving the underlying problem

That doesn’t sound a whole lot different from pharmaceutical companies that keep you on drugs for the rest of your life, because they are not solving the underlying issue!

Find a health practitioner, who can identify the underlying issues and clean up the problem!!!

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Here’s to your health!

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