For years, I was taught and read that Lyme disease was on the East coast and not in Canada…yet my ASYRA consistently recognizes the presence of one of the three types of Lyme disease…so I keep investigating –

Health Canada now says:
Caused by the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, Lyme is an emerging tick-borne disease. In Canada, populations of infected ticks are established in southern parts of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, in certain locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and in southern British Columbia. The disease can be characterized by special rash (i.e. erythema migrans) at an early stage. If untreated, in the later stages, the disease can involve major organ systems such as musculoskeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

A new study presented at the Western Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research claims that:

Lyme disease is a tickborne infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of corkscrew-shaped bacteria known as a spirochete (pronounced spiro’keet). The Lyme spirochete resembles the agent of syphilis, long recognized as the epitome of sexually transmitted diseases. Last summer the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that Lyme disease is much more common than previously thought, with over 300,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the United States. That makes Lyme disease almost twice as common as breast cancer and six times more common than HIV/AIDS.

“Our findings will change the way Lyme disease is viewed by doctors and patients,” said Marianne Middelveen, lead author of the study presented in Carmel. “It explains why the disease is more common than one would think if only ticks were involved in transmission.”

Glutathione is used to treat Lyme Disease – some use it intravenously ( .

In consideration that glutathione is short lived when injected (which is actually a good thing, because if it had a longer half life then it would provoke the negative feedback cycles to stop making it in the cells)  therefore,  I prefer to :

  • 1: make sure the genes are turned on to make the RNA tools that make glutathione
  • 2: provide the body with the supplements not only to make GSH but all 8 components of the glutathione complex

In addition, good Vit D3 (not the kind with 60% Vit D2 or magnesium stearates in it) but a good source of Vit D3 is also essential.

For more information go to:
The Journal of Investigative Medicine 2014;62:280-281
Presented at the Western Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research, Carmel, CA, January 25, 2014. 

Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!

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