Well if you believe the internet, it must be true…it is all over the internet!!!  Monsanto has a specific department whose role is to debunk science and research!!

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    Dr Holly - doesn't like GMOs and what they do to our health

    Dr Holly – doesn’t like GMOs and what they do to our health

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– actually there pages of it.  Dr. William Boar, claimed at a public meeting made up of mostly agricultural students, that Monsanto had an “entire department” working to counter the work of scientists and researchers who negated their work.  I wonder, did he forget that it was a public meeting?

The WHO (World Health Organization), IARC ( International Agency for the Research on Cancer), Lancet (a well respected scientific journal) and others are coming forward acknowledging how dangerous glyphosates are (the key ingredient in RoundUp) and on which most of their profits are based.

I guess if I had that much at stake, I would put money into protecting it as well.  The difference being, I, like most of you, would not put that much money into something we knew was dangerous to people’s health.  On the other hand, how many people have stocks in Big Pharma, Monsanto, etc – despite knowing how detrimental they are.  It is not just the Big Guys who protect their moneys at cost to people, but so do the Little Guys!

Throughout history we have seen that being honorable, integral, responsible, etc is often at cost to the self; or to the family; or to the pocket book.  How many times, throughout history, have people been ostracized, burned at the stake, attacked in a variety of ways when they oppose what is wrong.  But if we don’t stand up for what is right…what will happen to those who come after us?

Here’s to your health!

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