A  CDC report claims that 78% of hospitals inappropriately prescribe antibiotics:Dr Holly pharam gets customers

  • 1) the wrong antibiotic
  • 2) redundant antibiotics
  • 3) unnecessary antibiotics

Sometimes MDs will prescribe a few different antibiotics (a cocktail) all at once because they cannot identify the source of infection.  Yet, even when the source is identified, the unnecessary prescriptions are not stopped – about 80% of the time!!

394 hospitals were analyzed for antibiotic usage and found about $13 million wasted in unnecessary spending.

Next issue:  MDs usually use IV antibiotics – that makes them both stronger and more dangerous AND increases the likihood of blood stream infections – but let’s not forget the additional risk factor of drug-resistant superbug infections…  One of these is Clostridium difficile infection otherwise known as CDI.  It is a deadly bacteria that infects the large intestine or colon and provokes inflammation (which can lead to all kinds of disorders in the long run) and in the short run creates symptoms like:  abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite, nausea and spreads throughout the colon as the feces moves along.

Now they have to add in extra antibiotics to kill the CDI – which often returns anyways because it is the antibiotic that killed off the good bacteria that keeps the bad bacteria from growing!!!  Which is probably why the same report acknowledged that decreasing antibiotics by 30% could make a huge impact on preventing CDIsDr Holly coconut oil

But even better options include:  coconut oil, honey and garlic which can kill these infections Dr Holly garlic – and contribute positively to the body as opposed to having negative side effects – and so easy…small jar and laddle

It’s your body – your choice – what are you going to do?

Here’s to your health!

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