Oh my goodness…we have all heard of the massive number of issues with Big Pharma research…but to find out that only 8% of pharmaceuticals have been proven to work!  Wow!  Dr Holly needlesThat was a powerful headline.  So, as usual, I went in and read the actual study.

The study only looked at large studies funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.  They looked at all the studies performed between 1970 and 2012 that evaluated drugs or dietary supplements for the treatment or prevention of cardiovascular disease.   The trials had to meet certain criterion:  costs >$500,000; participants adult; and the primary outcome was cardiovascular risk, disease or death.  This obviously eliminated all studies.

The review  was actually meant to determine whether  studies done prior to the more stringent requirements imposed in 2000 were more or less likely to show positive results.  Prior to 2000, 17 of 30 studies, or 57% of the studies showed a significant benefit; whereas studies since 2000, 2 of 25, or 8%, actually showed a significant result.   Ooooh…that hurts.

In fact, the study states: “A growing collection of trials suggests that promising treatments do not match their potential when systematically tested and transparently reported.”

Now, one of the limitations of the review is that it is limited to heart, lung and blood studies.  They did so because of the reputation that the NHLBI has for:  transparency; high quality control standards and avoidance of conflict of interest issues.  They have high quality control and these are the results?   Ooooh, that’s scary.

However, the review also states that ” among 221 agents with the potential to modify outcomes for Alzheimer’s disease, all placebo controlled trials registered in clinical trials.gov have failed to identify positive benefits on the declared primary outcome”.   But, they also cover themselves by saying “Our conclusions may not generalize to trials sponsored by industry or to other funding agencies.”

Click here for the study.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough, most drugs deplete the body of nutrients.  Apparently 48% of the 250 most commonly prescribe drugs cause cancer.  When pharmaceuticals cause everything from weight gain to cancer AND deplete the body of important nutrients AND very  little apparently even works – why would anyone in their right mind take them?  Good reason to do your own research!!!

Here’s to your health!

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