I found an article in Nutrition & Diabetes that was interesting. It wasn’t what i was looking for, but interesting none the less. A university in Lebanon carried out a double blind study including 63 adults aged 18 to 65.  Half were put on a “placebo” diet and the other half on a “phosphorus” diet, meaning that they took a phosphorus table with each main meal. Now phosphorus does have a role with the kidneys, so they made sure that there were no kidney issues. The results were interesting.

They found that the phosphorus group: the body weight of the placebo increased (1.13 kg) whereas the body weight of the phosphorus group decreased (0.65 kg).  Similarly the waist circumference of the placebo group increased by 0.38 cm whereas the phosphorus group decreased by 3.62 cm. Sounds good. But the question is why?

Interestingly enough, appetite decreased along with food intake; taste of food altered as well. Okay, sounds good. But again why?

My thought off the top was that, phosphorus is typically found in high protein diets. High protein diets tend to increase metabolism, meaning that they increase energy expenditure and decrease calorie intake.

But they found that the impact happened with people who were overweight/obese but not with normal/slim individuals. Interesting.

Phosphorus is also known to stimulate ATP production in the cells. ATP is the fuel, made from the mitochondria, that drives all the cellular functions. And, in particular, liver ATP.

In addition, phosphorus is also known to impact on neurotransmitter signaling in the central nervous system which means that the hormones involved in provoking a sense of being full/satiation, can make better contact with the brain. I like it, this is starting to make sense.

An interesting side note, is that all this happened without there being any difference in serum phosphorus levels. So often, Western Conventional medicine will negate the impact of vitamins, minerals, omega 3s and all the other supplements claiming that there is no difference in blood levels. Well this was a good study showing that there can be significant differences in body function without there being any difference in blood serum levels of the nutrient being studied. Love it!!books signature image email

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