More and more children get lice every year.  Apparently there are now strains of lice that have mutations that make them resistant to pyrethroids – synthetic compounds found in over-the-counter medications that are often recommended by pediatricins.  They are also found in mosquito repellents, bug sprays, pet shampoos, etc.

Permethrin, is the active ingredient in Nix, and pyrethrins (combined with piperonyl butoxide), the active ingredients in Rid, are types of pyrethroids.
Other options include:

  • A nit-removal comb and meticulously go through your child’s hair section by section to remove the nits, or lice eggs. Although time consuming, it is an effective treatment method if you’re meticulous.
  • Another natural option is a spray containing coconut and anise, which was shown in a 2010 study at the Medical Entomology Centre in Cambridge, United Kingdom to be significantly more effective than medications with permethrin for treating lice. They used the protocol twice, 9 days apart.   (  )

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