Dr. Holly provides a variety of health and wellness services!

Health Assessment 

Dr. Holly provides a mobile 2 hour health assessment that involves an ASYRA assessment (assess over 60,000 variables in the body); urine analysis, nitric oxide analysis; and an intake that involves every system in the body; your medical, family and nutritional history, and stress/cognitive/emotional profile Request More Information


1) You can ask for an initial intake ($300.00) and a follow up in 6 months ($100) with the opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like during the year (products not included) $35.00/month

2) You can be an active client with a given issue that needs to be addressed: ($300.00 for first session; $75.00/20 minutes  for following sessions (products not included)

3) You can ask for an initial intake ($300) and a spreadsheet analysis of the drugs you are currently taking, whether or not you might be toxic; what nutrients they are depleting; what should not be combined; and what your alternative options might be ($100)

4) You can ask for a pharmaceutical assessment: spread sheet of all your pharmaceutical drugs and:

1)  What they are used for

2) Indicators of toxicity

3) Which ones should NOT be taken together

4) What nutrients they are depleting

5) Alternative options you should be aware of ($200)

Asyra Assessment  

Dr. Holly provides Asyra Assessments alone.  The ASYRA can assess:  toxicities, allergies, hormone imbalance, neurotransmitter deficiencies, etc.  In addition, it can identify what you need to regain your optimal health:  nutrition, herbal tinctures, supplements, acupuncture meridians, laser therapies, homeopathics, etc. Request More Information


Dr. Holly provides a number of seminars, presentations, lessons, etc for corporations, insurance companies, schools, institutions and smaller groups. Request More Information


Dr. Holly has a Ph.D. in Counselling  and has over 20 training and experience in the following areas: Cognitive/Behavioral; Short term; Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Hypnotherapy, Marriage and family, counseling, Victims & Survivors, Depression & Mood Disorders, Anxiety disorders including Panic Attacks, Anger issues Request More Information

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Holly is available as a keynote speaker on a number of health topics Request More Information

Leading Edge Treatments

Specializing in lutathione accelerators, turning genes on for healing, hi-end organic detox programs, transferases, most pharacologically complex foods of the Amazon Request More Information


Over 1000 internship in herbal medicine; both a Registered Herbalist and a Master Herbalist, Western & Eastern Request More Information

Bach Flower

Specialized questionnaires for bach flower remedies Request More Information


Trained in both Western & Eastern methods of reflexology Request More Information


Trained in the US and India to provide: Dosha Assessments, Panchakarma Treatments, Abyanghas, Herbal treatments, Yoga for healing, Pranayamas (different styles of breathing exercises for different ailments) Request More Information

Hormone Assessments

Easy, simple, & inexpensive Request More Information

Urine Analysis

Easy, simple, & inexpensive Request More Information


7 basic Pranayams utilized for different physiological and psychological issues Request More Information

Meta Physics

Trained in a variety of different methods of energy healing Request More Information


Trained in multilevels of REBA and ASYRA assessments and treatments Request More Information