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Dr. Holly has received numerous testimonials from past clients. The first set of testimonials are taken from the RateMDs.com: Dr. of Natural Medicine category; the second are from RateMDs.com: Naturopath category; the third set are from a variety of sites.


RateMD Natural Medicine

Long story short… I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis – housebound and then bed ridden. I went through multiple medications including chemotherapy with the hope of halting the disease. My first meeting with Dr. Holly – which took about 1.5 hours for a full assessment and a game plan to reverse my MS… Reverse??? I didn’t know that was possible. She explained everything to me in laymen terms so I could understand. I asked a series of ridiculous questions, which she answered with no judgement.

I have never felt so comfortable with a doctor – I’m usually left feeling overwhelmed, confused and stupid. I’ve seen so many doctors over the years, so I can honestly say that Dr Holly is the most knowledgeable and caring doctor.

She genuinely cares about her patients. She listens – which is a quality that not all doctors have. Dr Holly is kind, compassionate, non-judging and can explain anything so it’s understood – even if she needs to draw a picture.

In my opinion the medical field is like a puzzle, with each piece being certain specialists and various doctors, who refer patients to each other until eventually they can come up with a diagnosis or solution. Dr Holly is the entire puzzle. She has multiple degrees in different areas making her able to connect everything together. Dr Holly also thinks outside the box, not using a rubric to determine outcomes but working on an individual basis for what the body needs, not the “norm” of how people generally respond.

Dr Holly finds the cause of a problem and fixes it from the inside out – no band aid fixes with prescriptions or medications. I’ve now seen Dr Holly for almost a year going from bedridden to hiking mountains. She has reversed my MS just as she said she could.

My life is almost back to where it was before I got sick. I now have a second chance at life thanks to Dr Holly. Words cannot explain how grateful and lucky I am to have met her, she has changed my life and I will be forever grateful to her. I highly recommend Dr Holly!


Dr. of Natural Medicine

1)  If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medicine but heavily based in scientific research, then Dr. Holly IS who you should call right away. She is AMAZING!!!

2) I’m pleased to refer people to Dr Holly weekly – with ‘more degrees than a thermometer, I feel confident in sending anyone with health issues going on straight to Dr Holly for help – especially those immersed in ‘western medicine band aid’ approaches only – if I had something serious going on, she’d be my first phone call – can’t recommend her highly enough.

3) After nearly 3 years under Dr Fourchalk’s care, I have come back to an excellent state of health after being severely affected by auto-immune disease due to major allergies. My immune system was dangerously low. A pneumonia developed but was reversed without after effects

[as verified by a Respiratologist Dr] under Dr Fourchalk’s care in a few weeks. Most of my allergies also vanishes in the following months and I feel great since. I follow a recommended regimen of organic foods and supplementation. I got my life back, many thanks to Dr Fourchalk.

4) I’ve had more help from Dr. Holly for myself and my family than any other health care practitioner I’ve been to. Her knowledge and understanding of healing the human body, physically, emotionally, and mentally far surpasses any other Dr. I’ve been to in over 50yrs. She truly cares about her patients well-being and treats the whole person.

5) Dr. Holly is professional and resourceful. If she doesn’t know the answer she researches until she finds it. She walks her walk and talks her talk. If a patient wishes to listen, results can happen.

6) Conventional medicine had given up on treating me. Other doctors had told me to do things that not only made me sicker, but were actually life-threatening. Dr. Holly was willing to devise a treatment for me that was safe and non-threatening. Dr. Holly is incredibly knowledgeable and understanding. It is thanks to her help that I have been able to see a vast improvement in my health.
I loved that she is mobile and would treat me at my home. Dr. Holly is very attentive and would take as much time as was needed to give me the treatment that I needed.

7) Dr. Holly has an incredible way to combine different holistic modalities and offer treatments very effective recovery. I have used her services and was on the brink of surgery above both eyes but her recommendations and 3 week treatment avoided this procedure. She also cured my one.onus without steroids or strong medications which do not suit me.

8) Connecting with Dr Holly has been the best thing I have ever done. She continues to guide me to better health, always encouraging and never too busy to listen. I highly recommend Dr Holly, thanks to her I am able to live a happy, healthy, active life. Her successful treatments continue to improve my life.

9)  Dr Holly is the most knowledgeable kind giving doctor I have ever met

10)  After suffering with adrenal fatigue for several years and having seen numerous doctors who finally admitted that they had nothing for me, I saw a naturopath who helped a little and took over two years for me to see an improvement. After working with Dr. Holly Fourchalk for only six months, all traces of the ailment were cured. I highly recommend her as knowledgeable, caring, and learned.


Rate MD Naturopath

1) If you want to get to the source of whats causing you to feel pain, or unwell, I suggest checking out Dr. Holly. Too many Drs. write prescriptions for symptoms without knowing the cause, and all medications have side effects. I prefer Dr. Holly’s holistic, nurturing approach. She is more educated, informed and in touch with the whole patient than any Dr. Ive been to.

2) Once in a lifetime one meets a health professional that has a career as a clinical psychologist and then go on to further study for years other health modalities (natural medicine, chinese & ayurvedic medicine and medical research at doctoral level, etc …). Equipped with this vast repertoire of knowledge, Dr Holly Fourchalk can understand how the complex connections of the body-mind-spirit actually work together. Her holistic approach has restored my personal quality of life. I am ever thankful.

3) Dr Holly has helped me achieve a higher level of good health. Her recommendations for treatments have proven to be beneficial to me. Dr Holly is very knowledgeable and is always researching to stay on top of new information and studies. I find her to be patient and understanding as she teaches me how to attain better health.

4) Dr Holly is has been very helpful I would recommend her to anyone needing help with health of body or mind !!

5) Dr. Holly is professional and resourceful. If she doesn’t know the answer she researches until she finds it. She walks her walk and talks her talk. If a patient wishes to listen, results can happen.

6) Dr. Holly helped me to recover from persistent Adrenal Fatigue and its associated conditions where traditional medicine had either not helped at all or had made the condition much worse. After many years of suffering, within a few months of working with Dr. Holly, my health had improved immensely so that I felt like myself again.

7) Dr. Holly Fourchalk is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have come across in years. She has ben a tremendous help to our family using natural medicines.

8) Dr. Holly is a professional healer and the most knowledgeable, natural medicine practitioner I have ever met. One of the few people that truly “do(es) no harm.” There’s no ‘guessing’, no ‘one protocol for everyone’, or ‘lets just throw a bunch of expensive stuff at it and hope and pray’ here at all. It’s all scientific, knowledge-based healing with common sense practicality. Dr Holly tells it like it is, and shows you the path to real wellness. She researches all her products thoroughly, and fully explained why and what she recommends. I had results within the first few weeks of seeing her, and wish I had seen her much earlier! I’ve since referred other clients to her, who are equally as pleased with the results. I highly recommend seeing Dr Holly.


Christine Pollock 

Wow!  I’ve just had my second consult with Dr. Holly.  Amazing how, with her diagnosis and very precise supplements, the body is able to organically heal itself.  In three weeks, I’ve gone from a dragged out hag to an energized, clear thinking entity enjoying life and focusing on work and play with a new light.

I’ve also read several of Dr. Holly’s books.  They contain a wealth of information and are written so us lay people can clearly understand and benefit from them.  Who would have known chocolate is really a health food when chosen properly?

If you like high return on your investments, working with Dr. Holly brings huge dividends.  When one’s health is good, the rest of life flows and the riches follow.  I highly recommend Dr. Holly for her immense knowledge in natural healing and her supportive “bedside” manner.


Margaret Reynolds Dr. Holly is very good at explaining the how’s and why’s you can attain better health. She has a great way to make it very easy to understand even complex health topics. I believe that if you have any health concerns or just want to better understand how to become less toxic in a society full of chemicals and pharmaceuticals you will feel better after a session with Dr. Holly.


Galia Shukr In just few months of working with Dr Holly, I was impressed with the positive impact her healing Techniques have on her patients globally. Her holistic system approach around the mind, body and energy enables her clients to optimize their wellness in life. Dr Holly is a masterful educator on wellness. Her mind is always working overtime to add value to her clients and she has an energy and passion for her work that are contagious! Dr Holly has unique accreditations in 3 continents.
With over 20 years experience in wellness and thirst for continuous learning, Dr Holly ensures that you understand the options available to you and empowers you to take action to resolve them immediately. If you’re tired of the traditional medical system and are seeking alternatives, book a consultation with Dr Holly today. It will be the best hour you decide to invest in your health!
Christine Till Dr. Holly Fourchalk has the knowledge and expertise that is second to none. Her enthusiasm for helping others to find their own optimal health is apparent. You know that you are in the presence of greatness when you are with Dr. Holly because her knowledge shows through as she helps answer your questions on your personal health and wellness.”
Val MacDonald Dr. Holly is a knowledgeable and versatile doctor of natural health. She is able to make recommendations for you that really work. Because of her vast knowledge of various remedies and therapies, she knows what to use in each situation, whatever the health challenge may be. If you are looking for a natural way to remedy a health problem, Dr. Holly is perfect for the job!
Shelley Bilodeau Dr. Holly is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate Healer. I would (and have) recommend her to anyone with health issues, but more specifically for preventative therapies.


Judy Brunet Dr. Holly’s training and degrees can help anyone achieve optimal health and wellness. She is friendly, professional and a great listener!


Craig Addy Dr Holly Fourchalk’s breadth of knowledge and skill continues to amaze me. She is a bold adventurer and leader in the health field.


Deanne Grenier Dr. Holly is dependable, honest, hard working, and focused on results! An excellent addition to any team, and comes highly recommended.


Laura Lyon Holly is not only a survivor, but a very knowledgeable, personable, hardworking woman that I’m glad I met.


Barbara Bbenso Holly: also thoroughly impressive, and is exceptional. There are few people who can keep up with the level of performance.


Jeff Beyers Holly is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast.


G. Rath Sometimes people come into my life whom I take for granted. It isn’t until much later that I fully appreciate how they helped me through a particularly tough time. Often I don’t realize how effective and they were at helping me until someone else comes into my life who does a much worse job.

It is for that reason that I want to thank you twenty times:

  • For providing an environment in which I felt safe to express my innermost fears and beliefs.
  • For not minimizing my fear when facing the consequences of my past actions.
  • For building a strong relationship of trust which was consistent from our first to our last session.
  • For not making jokes in front of a group of strangers about behaviour or beliefs which lead to my offending.
  • For asking me open-ended questions to uncover why I made the choices that I did in the past or how I perceive the present.
  • For never making me feel bad or dumb about the answers I gave to your questions.
  • For not embarrassing me when my answers are not the “group norm.”
  • For asking me challenging and pointed questions so that I learn about my beliefs and behaviour by listening to my answers.
  • For not asking me vague questions which confuse me because they are so general as to apply to anyone in any situation.
  • For being flexible to accept the manner in which I best expressed myself such as illustrations instead of written answers to assigned homework.
  • For introducing me to people who went beyond the societal conventions and truly made the world a better place by their refusal to accept the status quo. (People such as Gandhi and Mandela that I can focus my attention. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or feelings of defeat, they overcame the negative stigma forced on them by government, justice and society on the whole.)
  • For making me get healthy a priority. Not boosting your ego. Not trying to reinforce your reputation or belief that your program is the most effective or only effective program.
  • For not forcing me into a preset, unchangeable program which you designed years ago with the belief that it was effective for most people charged with my crime.
  • For seeing me as an individual with unique strengths.
  • For showing and helping me to focus on my unique strengths so that I may nurture and build upon those strengths.
  • For showing me the support structure all around me–help in my life is not limited to you or your programs.
  • For recognizing what moral stage of development I was at and how I could work my way to the next step or steps.
  • For including my partner into my healing process so that I could see how my betrayal of his trust injured him and our relationship.
  • For showing my partner and I how we can rebuild trust within our relationship.
  • For helping me (introducing me to a “Book Mentor”) even though I was not in a position to repay you for your help!