I get both tired and frustrated whenever I read or hear an expert/professional claiming that the one issue they are touting is the be all and end all of weight issues.

There are a huge number of issues that can contribute to weight imbalances. It used to be just excess calories and lack of exercise…but since that time the following issues have been touted as the cause for everything:

  • Hormone imbalances:
    • insulin
    • leptin
    • grehlin
    • adiponectin
  • Then there are the organ dysfunctions like:
    • gut
    • liver
    • adrenals
  • Then there are the nutrient deficiencies like:
    • magnesium
    • B vitamins
  • Various toxicities
    • environmental
    • heavy metal
    • synthetic
    • medications
  • Then we have imbalances in the microbiota or inflammatory issues.

Let’s not forget the psychological issues:

  • underlying life themes
  • coping mechanisms (stress creates adrenal issues)
  • fears and protection
  • depression (which is often the result of physiological dysfunction)

And a whole host of other issues. If you are having issues with your weight, find a good health practitioner who can identify what is going on in your system and help you resolve the underlying issues.

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Here’s to your health!

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