Did you know that most juice bought in grocery stores can have upwards of 300% the normal sugar?

Did you know that most juice bought in grocery stores is mostly water?

Did you know that most juice companies contract perfume companies to make formulas so that the “juice” takes like apple or orange or whatever?

Did you know that it is alot cheaper to make your own juice?

I make all my own juice. It is so simple.

Scrub the outside of a grapefruit – use 1/4 of the fruit – including the inner rind, outer rind and seeds.

Scrub the outside of a lemon or lime – cut off the ends – that is where most of the solates are, that you don’t want – again use about 1/4 – including the inner rind, outer rind and seeds.

Scrub the outside of a good hard, tart apple like a granny smith – use 1/2 apple.

That can be the base of any good juice – now add whatever other fruit you want – you don’t need much:

  • banana – if you want it thicker
  • blueberries
  • cranberries
  • melon
  • oranges
  • pomegranate
  • raspberries
  • strawberries – only if organic – a compound in strawberries attracts the metal toxins

Fill the BLENDER up with water – don’t use juicers – they eliminate the fiber that you really want. And WHOLA – you have your juice.  It will last several days.  The heavier fiber may drop to the bottom – just throw it in the blender again and add more water.

Now if you like vegetable juice…you can do the same thing. Many believe that you should not mix fruit with other foods – they take a different pathways of enzymes…so I keep my fruit juice and my vegetable juices separate.

All in all, so much cheaper AND healthier…

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