How many of you purchase water? In a bottle? Plastic or glass? What a waste for most people and for the environment.

You can make your own healthy water that is so much better than the bought stuff – here’s how.tap water

Pour a jug of tap water every night before bed. If you have a filter great. Let it sit on the counter over night.

Most of the fluoride and chlorides will evaporate into the air. Good first step.

In the morning – pour the jug of water into a blender and blend for a couple of minutes. This is much like the water going over the waterfall in nature. It breaks up the hydrogen bonds holding the H20 compounds together.

waterfall wikipediaHere is a piece of good trivia:  water at a pH of 5 gets “sticky” and you will get about 18-22 H20 compounds. When they stick together like this they make great transport vehicles for all the toxins and “crap” in water. We want clean fresh good water that has a pH of about 8. Then you only get 3-5 H20 compounds sticking together. Much better for you.

The “stuff” you don’t want in water will either evaporate into the air or fall to the bottom of the container – so you leave the last 1/4 and throw it out.

When you have broken up the hydrogen bonds and made some good water with a higher pH – you add a bit of Himalayan salt. This provides the alkalizing minerals your body requires (a some trace minerals) and alkalizes your water for you. Excellent.

Now without paying for an environmentally harmful water that does not benefit your body water compoundsand is often no better than tap water – you have created a healthy water that benefits your body. And the only cost was a smigen of himalayan salt…Wow – now that was cheap and easy.

By the way, you may be interested in following Dr Pollack and his scientific work with “Structured Water” – water has 63 different anomalies that we don’t understand AND Dr Pollack studies body creates “Structured Water” or H302 rather than the H20 we thought was there.