Do you eat meat? or poultry? Do you benefit from all of it?

Rather than buy skinless, boneless chicken…buy the whole thing. The fats in the skin are typically what gives it flavor. The bones and fats you can use to make your own chicken broth. Don’t waste money buying someone else’s chicken broth that you have no idea what is it. Make your own. Simply collect the bones and fats left over from dinner and put them in a large pot to simmer. The next day you can add vegetables and spices and whola – your own vegetable soup, or chowder, or even the base for a chili or a stew – the options are endless.soup broth bones

Beef bones you can even take a step further. After you have simmered them and made a soup, stew, chili, whatever from them, you can give the animal bones to your dog and he will make sure he takes advantage of the rest of it.

There is no throwing away in this house. Hope there is none in yours.

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