I find it interesting that people go to the gym. We have all seen web photos of the people trying to get a parking spot close to the gym doors – or going up elevators to get to the gym…hilarious, but unfortunately true.

What we need to do is get out in the fresh air and move. We need to breath in fresh air full of oxygen when we exercise. In a gym and yoga rooms, you are usually breathing in all the gaseous toxins that other people’s bodies are eliminating and re-cycled air. Why on earth would you do that?

But, practice yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, etc outside and you will do 110% more for your body. If you are able to – get rid of the expensive rubber based shoes and work out in your bear feet – so you can absorb the healthy electro-magnetic energies that the earth provides.

Go for power walks along the water and in the mountains. Where there is a greater abundance of good clean fresh oxygenated air that the body requires.

Take out your bike, dust it off, and spiff it up and go for a bike ride with the family.

Pack a picnic and hike up a mountain and breath in the beauty while you indulge in real family time or a romantic afternoon with your special person.

I never recommend running – why? Well not only is it hard on the body but I am horrible at it…it feels weird for my body and I usually end up vomiting…but if it works for you…then go for it.

Remember, any exercise that is overdone depletes the body of vital nutrients like glutathione. You can always push the body further, just for a few minutes past breaking a sweat. They knew this 1000s of years ago, but it is only recently that programs like the PACE program have been re-introduced as being much more beneficial than conventional work outs.

As so often is the case, the most beneficial components are the cheapest.

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