First of all, weight issues are typically not about FAULT!!  Fault and blame are childlike concepts.  Weight issues are about taking responsibility for your health.  Even then, however, there are many things we can control and many things we have no control over.

To say weight issues are all about any one issue is just plain ridiculous.  Let’s look at just some of the issues in involved in weight issues.

There are a huge number of variables that play into weight gain, weight loss and metabolic processes.

Your weight issues, high or low, may be psychological in nature, for instance, underlying core beliefs, defense mechanisms, coping mechanisms, etc

They may be about the types of food you eat – perhaps your body requires more proteins, or more healthy fats than another person.

Perhaps your weight has to do with your body not having a good balance between different hormones like leptin and grehlin.

Perhaps your weight has to do with being depleted in anti-oxidants or other nutrients like magnesium or glutathione, or B vitamins, or fibers.

Perhaps your weight has to do with various organs not functioning effectively, for instance, your adrenals, your gut, your liver, or your thyroid.

Perhaps your weight has to do with your enzymes not functioning due to a low pH or insufficient nutrient to make the enzymes.

Perhaps your weight has to do with being way to toxic – POPs, PCBs, insecticides or pesticides, colourants, stabilizers, GMOs, etc

Perhaps your weight has to do with having a chromosonal disorder so that you do not produce the necessary enzymes to metabolize your food.

As you can see, there can be alot of causes of ineffective metabolism.  To ever say that it is one issue or another for everyone, just reflects a misunderstanding of the human system and the diversity of variables involved.

In order to determine what may or may not be the issues for you…you need to see a good health professional who understands all these variables and can ascertain which ones need to be addressed for you and your system.

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