It is sad to think that one can be accused of having too many degrees.

I am forever pushing health practitioners  to take training in an entirely different healing modality. If you are a psychologist – take training in nutrition. Dr Holly healthy fat saladIf you are a nutritionist take training in Ayurveda. If you are a TCM take homeopathy. accupuncture download If you are a Herbalist variety of fresh herbstake Homeopathy. Etc, etc. If you are an MD – for goodness sake take a good nutritional course. The more dimensions you have, the greater depth and perspective you have on any one modality.

Having said that, there are a lot of really inept programs out there. For me, the biggest eye opener was med school. In 4 1/2 years of training, 3 1/2 hours were dedicated to nutrition – nutrition is what the body requires to build, to maintain, to recover – that is basic 101 “My dear Watson”. But apparently not in med school.

I left the Naturopathic College in search of more up to date information – eventually training as a Dr of Natural Medicine – in order to get better training and supervision.  I looked at a number of nutrition/dietitian programs – couldn’t believe how far behind they were. It was appalling. So instead I did a PhD in Nutrition and identified the biochemistry of cellular healing.

I initially trained & practiced as a psychologist – couldn’t believe how far behind the different psychology programs were, never mind the attitude of the College of Psychologists – why wasn’t anybody interested in the nutrients that the cells, the organs, the systems, the brain needed in order to function properly? Why was no one interested in the 70% correlation between constipation and depression – why wasn’t anyone even questioning? After my PhD in Nutrition, I even offered to come in and teach the psychologists – but they were not interested…they were more interested in claiming that I was practicing non-evidenced medicine, despite the fact that I already had a MA in Herbal Medicine, a PhD in Nutrition, a Dr of Natural Medicine, etc. Hard to believe…

An unfortunate pattern of behavior became very clear. When many practitioners finish their schooling – and MDs are well known for this – they think they have finished their training. We have more and better research than we ever had before – WHY? Because it is NOT all governed by Big Pharma!! Big Pharma has a legal responsibility to make profit for their share holders; researchers in universities that are funded by Big Pharma need to produce results in accordance with Big Pharma &/or the journals they need to get publications in that are again governed by Big Pharma.

Researchers who are NOT funded by Big Pharma get other results.

Now you always have to look at who is funding the research. Big Pharma is not the only culprit. For instance, if it is funded by the Dairy Association – do you not think there is going to be a bias there? Or what about those studies funded by Pepsi Cola or Coke Cola.  Marion Nestle, a nutritionist stated:  “PepsiCo established an MD-PhD training position at Yale University, and Coca-Cola gave a grant to the American Academy of Family Physicians for Web-based educational materials. My own professional group, the American Society for Nutrition, actually competed to manage the ill-fated Smart Choices labeling program sponsored by those and other beverage and food-product companies. Despite much evidence to the contrary, academics who accept such funding still tend to believe that it neither does harm nor influences their opinions.”

And unfortunately, there are biases in REAL medicine research as well. So you want studies that look at a given issue from a variety of different perspecitves.!

In addition, you need to understand the ‘design and analysis’ of the study and whether you can actually make the conclusions that are presented – again it is appalling how many studies actually make claims that they should not make. It is even more appalling (I seem to like that word today) how many studies without results or with negative results ARE NOT published. This is hugely apparent in the medical “sciences” and right across the field from depression to cancer to cardio, etc etc. So even MDs that actually read their journals – are not getting accurate information. They are only getting what Big Pharma wants them to get!!

Dr Horton, Editor in Chief, wrote “Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. As one participant put it, “poor methods get results”.

So if there is so much flagrant “bad science” what does one do. Typically practitioners who have put time, effort and money into their training want to believe in and defend their training…but then there are those of us who have a tendency to question everything and everyone including those who are in positions of power and control.

If you have a truly questioning mind:

  • you want more information – clean studies, without confounding results – understanding that different bodies metabolize, absorb and respond differently
    • do you know that in ancient Ayurveda medicine – they identified 20 different blood glucose disorders – in Western medicine there are only 4
    • 79% of obese people DO NOT have diabetes – yet MDs are taught that only excess sugar in the diet causes diabetes – there are all kinds of causes!!
  • you want different ways of understanding what you are looking at
    • understanding the body from a Western perspective, an Ayurveda (East Indian) perspective and a TCM (Chinese) perspective really gives you a whole different understanding of the body – and each perspectives helps you understand the other ones better
  • you don’t settle for comments like “the proof is in the results” because you know that the placebo effect is huge and there are probably a number of confounding variables
    • even with Big Pharma – it has been shown that over 80% of drugs work for less than 20% of the population
    • but many health orientated MLMs make the claim “proof is in the results” for their products
    • you want independent results with appropriate design and analysis
  • you also know that there are always confounding issues that could have skewed the results
    • a good example of this are the diets and diet pills – in a sense they all work – not because of what you are taking but because of what you are eliminating:
      • junk food
      • fast foodbad fats
      • processed food
      • simple carbs
    • in addition, when many people start to take care of their diet they do additional things that promote weight management
      • they start to walk and/or various types of exercise
      • they start eating protein for breakfast (shakes, smoothies, real food)
      • they stop eating before bed
      • they stop eating between meals – and give their body a rest
        Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine

        Dr Holly – real whole organic food and medicine

      • they put the brakes on emotional eating
    • so any diet can claim results for some people
  • so you explore, study and do more research…and you start looking into other fields of study…

Bottom line? The more varied your understanding, the more in depth you can understand each particular field. AND the more likely you are to keep up with the most current research. AND the more likely you are able to move through the trendy stuff, the ineffective stuff, and get to the real stuff.

For me there is another huge component. I have a genetic disorder which comes down from both parents – lucky me. But it drives me to research around the world for myself and for others. In addition, I happen to love research – good reason to be a scientist…so like some others out there….I like to get to the bottom of things…and am thus able to help my clients in ways that others cannot.

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