You have probably heard all the pros and cons about vaccinations and autism….but did you know that early vaccinations can cause:Dr Holly needles

  • 1) disruption to the microbiota in your gut
  • 2) affect your ability to respond to antibiotics
  • 3) set you up for obesity

Wow!!!  Let’s review what we already know:

  • We already know that our food is nutrient deficient and full of toxins.
  • We know that 99.5% of pharmaceuticals deplete important nutrients in the body
  • We know that 48% of the 250 most common pharmaceuticals are known to cause cancer
  • We know the underlying hypothesis behind anti-depressants has never been proven
  • We know that many of the anti-depressants can actually cause suicidal thinkingdrugs
  • We know the whole cholesterol trip was a myth
  • We know that the imbalance of microbiota in the gut can effect our thoughts, emotions and behavior

When it comes to weight management:

  • We know that we eat too much sugar, bleached flour, and AGEs
  • We know that we eat too many of the bad fats and not enough of the good fatstop 10 GMO foods
  • We know that fluoride in our water is detrimental to our health
  • We know that if the wrong bacteria in our gut are dominant we will gain weight no matter what we do
  • We know that the heavy metals, insecticides, herbicides, POPs, Round UP and other toxins in our food damages our bodies
  • We know that GMOs are dangerous to our health
  • We know that the chemicals in our hygiene, makeup, cleaning products can disrupt our endocrine system

And now, we have to add to the list:

  • childhood vaccinations not only can contribute to issues like Autism but can also disrupt our microbiota
  • disrupt our developing immune system
  • AND set us up for obesity as well

And of course, we all know that we cannot rely on agencies like the FDA to protect us.  They are paid and controlled by Big Pharma, so they are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

The question is:  What are YOU going to do about it?

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Here’s to your health!

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