Chocolate – what it can do for you

The cocoa pod is a fruit full of juice and between 300-6800 seeds. These seeds are the most nutrient dense food we know of. The seeds contain over 300 nutrients that we need.

The nutrients in these seeds are usually destroyed with processing BUT 100% chocolate protects the over 1200 compounds and over 300 nutrients that chocolate has to provide. One might suggest it is a real gift from the Gods, but then women already know that.

Vitamins, minerals, all the amino acids (essential & non-essential) fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants (2x more than acai berry). So what do these nutrients do for you? Besides taste great?

Fights weight
• Regulates the two important hormones in weight metabolism: grehlin & leptin
• Opens fat cells so that they release stored toxins
• Alters the genetic coding changing the fat cell into fatty acids – used for energy

Fights cancer
• turns on apoptosis “automatic cell death”
• changes the membrane so it receives oxygen instead of sugar
• blocks off arterial nutrients – starves the cells
• alkalizes the interior and exterior of the cell

Fights heart disorders
• Re-stabilizes oxidized cholesterols
• Induces vasodilation
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves coronary vascular function
• Decreases platelet adhesion – reduces arteriosclerosis plaque

Fights diabetes
• High levels of soluble & non-soluble fibers slow down sugar absorption
• Natural sweetener is agave
Diabetics are always low in anti-oxidants and consequently high in damaging free radicals – Xocai combats this by providing high levels of anti-oxidants

Fights digestive issues, bowel issues, gastric issues
• Provides huge amounts of micro probiotics, fibers/prebiotics
• Protects the gut from acidity and alkalizes our gastro tract so that the good bacteria can thrive
• Eliminates inflammation that disrupts the environment for healthy bacteria
• Inhibits the growth of bad bacterial growth in the gut

Fights psychological issues
• Provides all the amino acids required to make serotonin, neuroephinephrine, dopamine and other neurotransmitters
• Provides endorphins and natural anti-depressants, ie., MAOIs
• The brain is about 60% fats and xocai provides the omega 3/fatty acid fats

The cocoa bean contains several useful minerals and vitamins.
• Magnesium, which is necessary for muscle relaxation, nerve conduction, energy production and bone and teeth development and overall health.
• Copper—found in rich supply in dark cocoa—is involved in many of the chemical processes in the body.
• High levels of potassium, which is vital for cardiovascular health.


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