No need to feel guilty – love it.

Did you know that the three of these work well together.  Valentine’s Day is usually connected with chocolate.  100% pure chocolate is very good for you.  Dr Holly red heart

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with the heart.  Chocolate is good for the heart.  Chocolate provides the body with over 300 nutrients AND some of those those nutrients, called flavonols, also help the cardio system make nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide does a few different things in the body.  One of the things that nitric oxide is known for, is relaxing the arteries – called vasodilation.  When the arteries relax, they expand allowing for more blood flow.  The contraction and expansion of the arteries helps to push the blood through the body.

100% pure chocolate also provides the body with good alkalizing minerals like magnesium and potassium that are required by the heart.

100% dark chocolate also contains very good, strong anti-oxidants called epi catechins and procyanidins, also very good for the heart.

100% real chocolate also helps support HDL and protects the LDL from oxidation…LDL is only the problem when it gets oxidized.

There is a significant difference between different types of chocolate – the type that causes all kinds of issues; the type that does some minimal good and the type that does wonders.   For more information, read The Chocolate Controversy: the bad, the mediocre and the awesome.  Chocolate-Book-238x300And if you use the code “choclove” you can get 50% of the ebook, kindle and desktop versions.


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