Did you know that Chocolate comes from the seed of the cocoa fruit?

It can be terrifically harmful OR incredibly beneficial  Chocolate-BookDr Holly - the chocolate you don't want

Determining Factors:

  • Where it is grown How it is grown
  • What species is it How it is harvested
    • How it is processed What is added to it

Myths & Misconceptions:

  • Chocolate is unhealthy and puts on weight
    • Store bought chocolate usually is and does
    • Real 100% chocolate has over 1200 molecules and over 300 nutrients and is an incredibly nutrient dense food and can help you lose weight
  • Chocolate is fattening so buy the 72%, 80%, 90% pure chocolate
    • These chocolate have had the incredibly beneficial cocoa butter taken out – it is full of DHAs, EPAs – the good fats the body requires for the brain and to counteract inflammation
    • The process of eliminating these incredibly important fats kills most of the anti-oxidants that the chocolate is then marketed for
  • Chocolate is full of sugar
    • The unhealthy store bought chocolate is full of sugar which is very toxic to the body and to the brain
    • Real 100% chocolate doesn’t have all the sugar because the cocoa butter in the chocolate is sweet – although good healthy chocolate does tend to have a bit of bitter taste to it
  • Chocolate is unhealthy
    • Actually, real chocolate can help fight: cancer, depression, diabetes, heart issues, weight issues, dental issues, gut issues, and a wide variety of other issues

So you have a choice:  Do you want to harm your health and figure with this kind of chocolate:           DR Holly heart of chocolates

or benefit your health with REAL 100% chocolate!

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