Happy Valentine’s Week (NOTE:  Never reduce the opportunity to celebrate to just oneDr Holly red roses day – take advantage of the opportunity to spread out the celebration at least over a week.    My Valentine’s Week started last Saturday – I got the best Valentine’s present ever – and I don’t plan on stopping the celebration till next week!! Life can be so much fun.)

Most of us associate February with Valentine’s Day.  And then, Valentine’s Day with Chocolate.  Oh, I do love chocolate.  We all know that chocolate can be very bad for you….but did you know, that it can also be very, very good for you?  Oh, I love that even more.
Did you know…that Chocolate comes from the seeds of a fruit?  That the cocoa fruit is loaded with seeds that have over 1200 molecules that we need and over 300 nutrients that we need.  In fact the nutrient dense seed can be a huge benefit to and even eliminate conditions associated with: the heart; diabetes; cancer; depression; dental issues; and many more physiological issues!!  So what is the catch?
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The catch is in how and where and what type of cocoa is grown; how it is processed; and what is either eliminated from it or added to it.  Unfortunately, many chocolates are claimed to be very good for you – that are not; while others that are not acknowledged or well known, are in fact, very healthy.
Because this is Valentine’s Month – you will want to read :  The Chocolate Controversy: the bad, the mediocre and the awesome.
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