I hate it when people get told there is nothing they can do for an ailment but take more drugs. Whether the issue be depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

I was frustrated with psychology. We were taught we were to assume issues was purely psychological unless a physician dictated otherwise. A physician is taught that the only physiological condition that could cause depression was hypothyroid and he is only taught a small piece of the process for that. Physicians are basically told to prescribe Synthroid – which the WHO claims over 80% of the people on Synthroid should not be. We have presented various programs on how and why that is the case.

So what could I do? I did more research. I started to understand that there were a lot of physiological issues, nutrient deficiencies, toxicities, etc. that could cause psychological issues and I went back to school.

The more I learned the more frustrated I became. I could sit back and simply ask why physicians and the general public weren’t getting this information, but we all know the answer to that. it is far more lucrative to keep people on drugs than to solve the problem.

So the next question, naturally was, how could I help solve the problem?

I started writing books for the general public. All educational books. On Depression, the Heart, Diabetes, etc. But I wasn’t getting out far enough. So, I came up with the idea to write a sexy romantic novel and include all kinds of good health information in the novel. I called the book: Entwined: A Romantic Journey Back into Health.

In that book there are two predominant, but extended families. One family has all the health issues, both psychological and physiological. The other family has all the degrees and designations that I have, plus a few more. Through various social activities, dinner parties, and clinic visits; the first family learns about healthy relationships and how to heal all kinds of issues that they have been “managing” with pharmaceuticals or just avoiding.

Then I wrote a sequel to that book called: The Ongoing Journey. Three predominant things happen in this book: one of the main characters asks everyone else in the book to write their own book. This then leads to the next 23 books written in several different literary genres: romantic, historical, political, sci-fi, educational, etc. They made an agreement, that the underlying theme that would be consistent across all books, was the focus on health. So now readers can read about REAL health and healing from a variety of literary genres. Thus, we created the Entwined Collection.

The second big component is that this same character invites an oncologist, cardiologist and a GP to join one of the social gatherings. They provide the forum for a debate between Conventional Western practitioners and Real Health Practitioners and the general public. An interesting discussion, to say the least.

The third big component of the book, is that the main couple goes to Hawaii for their 25th wedding anniversary and come up against and have to solve some personal sexual issues that come up while enjoying a very sexy romantic experience.

This second book, or sequel, The Ongoing Journey, is now out, although we haven’t got it up on the website. But you can get it off Amazon.

The next book getting published from the Entwined Collection is Maria’s book: A Love that Crosses Time. This book is about three couples who learn to meet, in another dimension, and then help each other learn about healing from three different eras. And, of course, it has some interesting twists and turns in it.

We are now focused on publishing the remaining books. Most have already been completed, edited and are just waiting to be

be published.

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