The two common denominators are that they are all :

  •   a) good for you
  •  b) bad for you

You have learned over the years that the type of grain and how it is processed determines whether or not the bread, pasta, etc is good for you. Peel the outside and process everything out of the inside and you are left with a detrimental man made product. Yet, the grain shell contains numerous nutrients, fibers, minerals that are essential to the body. Of course, in today’s world we have to also determine if they are GMO? And if they have been sprayed with toxins like RoundUp that have the carcinogenic compound, biophyphosphate.

The same applies to sugars: when you peel the outside of the sugar and process everything out of the inside – the man made product is very detrimental. Yet, the whole raw cane sugar is full of nutrients, ie., magnesium, B vitamins, soluble and insoluble fibers, etc. And in fact, is used to eliminate cancers.

You have probably also heard that fats are horrible – yet, good healthy avocado, coconut oil, olive oil (depending on how it was processed and how long ago), flax seed type fats, etc are incredibly important to the body. The body makes 80% of your cholesterols in the liver (from fats) and that provides the bile – which breaks down fats in your gut; the basis for your steroid hormones; transport systems for nutrients to move in the body; etc.

In addition, proteins that are pumped full off anti-biotics, growth hormones, etc are horrible for the body; yet the body requires 22 different amino acids to build: neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, collagens, bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, etc. But we require good healthy amino acids to do so.

Even exercise – if done improperly, ie., past breaking a sweat – uses up your glutathione; transfers the natural krebs-electron transfer chain – ATP cycle into a lactic acid cycle – which is detrimental to the body. However, exercising in short bursts, constantly extending your “break sweat” critical point, is very beneficial to the body.

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