“Your health is your wealth” is an old saying that has a lot of truth to it.  If you don’t have your health how can you do whatever you do to create your wealth? Whether you be a blue collar worker; a white collar worker; tradesman; a professional; or an independent business person you need both your psychological and your physical health to work effectively.

I worked for years as a Registered Psychologist and along the way collected various other degrees and designations in different healing modalities. The College of Psychologists didn’t like my PhD in Nutrition (The biochemistry of cellular healing) or my Dr of Natural Medicine or my MA in Herbal Medicine or or or…but my position was that the body/brain is responsible for thousands of functions, processes, synthesizing compounds, breaking down, transforming, absorbing, eliminating, etc etc AND it needed nutrient to accomplish all these functions…so why were we not all studying what the body actually needed?

Nutrition is great, the basic foundation of health. Herbal medicine is a much more concentrated manner of providing the body what it needs to heal. Ayurvedic medicine has a great understanding of different body styles and detoxification. Traditional Chinese Medicine elaborated on the acupuncture meridians identified in Ayurveda and has its own encyclopedia of herbal medicines. All the different energetic medicines work at a more subtle level than the concrete Newtonian style sciences.

It is fascinating how all these different modalities overwork, compliment and work together. That is why I have degrees and designations in everything from hypnotherapy to reflexology to PhDs in psychology and in nutrition.

If you are interested in identifying the underlying issues in your mind and body, and come back to health, rather than manage symptoms…then take advantage of the coupon and give it to yourself or a loved on for Christmas.

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Here’s to your health!

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