Methionine is one of the amino acids – we have 22 protein building blocks called amino acids.  Nine are essential amino acids and need to replaced repeatedly by our diet.  They are hugely important for building all the protein compounds in the body, from 29 types of collagen to 10,000 different enzymes;

But Methionine is also important for several other components in the body:

– it plays an important role in metabolism

-it is a powerful anti-oxidant (fights free radicals)

– it is important in pairing damage/trauma to the body

– it plays a role in connective tissue, ie., hair, nails, skin, etc

– it plays a role in your immune system

– it is required to absorbed selenium and zinc

– it is required to produce SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-methionine) which is used for:

– depression

– infertility


– liver issues

– it is an important chelator – helping the body to get rid of toxic acetaminophen and copper

– it is one of the important amino acids used to create glutathione (3 different amino acids are required in creating glutathione) and glutathione is important in:

– oxygen & carbon uptake/release in the blood

-regulation and synthesis of the immune system cells

– transport of amino acids within the cell

– protection of the mitochondria in the cells

– protection of the DNA within the cell

– and much more

– it is required for rebuilding after wound or trauma to the body

There are a variety of foods that you can find methionine in:  fish, dairy, meat, sesame seeds and hemp (all the amino acids are found in hemp seed).  Make sure you get your amino acids and help your body help you.

Here’s to your health!

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